Barnes & Noble unveils the new Nook, with touchscreen display

Barnes & Noble today introduced the latest version of the Nook. And like yesterday’s announcement by rival Kobo, Barnes & Noble’s new electronic reader features a 6-inch eInk touchscreen. But Barnes & Noble is promising even more, saying that the new gadget will be able to sustain battery life of two months on a single… Read More


The patents Microsoft is using to sue Barnes & Noble

Just how many anti-Android patents does Microsoft have up its sleeve? In reading through the Redmond company’s lawsuit this afternoon against Barnes & Noble and the manufacturers of the Nook e-reader over its use of Android, it would have made sense to see a lot of crossover with the patents cited in Microsoft’s suit against… Read More

Microsoft alleges that Barnes & Nobles use of Android in its Nook line infringes on its patents.

Microsoft sues Barnes & Noble over Android in Nook

Microsoft says it has filed patent infringement lawsuits against Barnes & Noble and the manufacturers of its Nook e-reader, based on the Redmond company’s assertion that the Android operating system violates its intellectual property. The lawsuits, naming manufacturers Foxconn and Inventec in addition to the book giant, were filed in the U.S. District Court in… Read More