Report: Target to dump Kindle

This could get very interesting, especially in light of the new alliance between Barnes & Noble and Microsoft. The Verge reports today — citing an unnamed source and an internal Target memo — that the giant retailer will stop selling the Kindle due to “conflict of interest.” There certainly seems to be some legs to this… Read More

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Microsoft vs. Amazon? Plot thickens with Barnes & Noble pact

Issues of competition and cooperation are never simple in the technology industry, but Microsoft’s surprise $300 million investment in Barnes & Noble’s new Nook subsidiary this morning puts Amazon further into the category of rival when it comes to its neighbor on the other side of Lake Washington. Barnes & Noble and Microsoft aren’t giving… Read More

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Report: Barnes & Noble plans 8GB Nook Tablet, trying to douse Amazon’s Kindle Fire

Barnes & Noble’s CEO previously criticized the 8GB of storage available on Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire as “deficient for a media tablet” — seeking to justify the additional $50 for Barnes & Noble’s 16GB Nook Tablet. Well, it looks like the bookseller may be changing its approach. The Verge has documentation from Wal-Mart showing that Barnes… Read More

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Judge: Microsoft’s Android tactics were ‘hard bargaining,’ not patent misuse

We learned a couple weeks ago that Barnes & Noble lost a key preliminary decision to Microsoft in their patent dispute. A new court filing explains the judge’s reasoning, and sheds light on some of the legal issues behind Microsoft’s effort to collect patent royalties from Android device makers. Theodore Essex, administrative law judge for the International Trade… Read More


Microsoft vs. Barnes & Noble: Here are the 3 patents they’ll be fighting over this week

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble will go to trial this week at the International Trade Commission in a closely watched test of Microsoft’s claims that Google’s Android operating system violates its patents. At issue are technologies used in Barnes & Noble’s Android-based Nook Color, Simple Touch Reader and Nook Tablet devices. Barring a settlement, the… Read More


Barnes & Noble won’t sell Amazon books in stores, says rival undermines industry

The rivalry between Barnes & Noble and escalated sharply this afternoon as B&N lashed out against Amazon’s push for exclusive digital book deals with publishers and authors — saying that the practice undermines the industry — and said that its physical retail stores won’t stock books published by’s fledgling publishing division. Barnes &… Read More


From e-book to bookstore: Amazon and Houghton Mifflin strike new distribution deal is increasingly expanding into the business of book publishing, and it has some formidable distribution mechanisms in the form of its own e-commerce site and Kindle devices. But what about people who prefer to pick up the ink-and-pulp versions in the local bookstore? Amazon Publishing’s East Coast Group this week announced a new licensing agreement with… Read More

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Barnes & Noble ponders spinning off Nook e-reader business

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Barnes & Noble was looking to sell its book publishing arm. Today, the company announced that it was exploring the possible spin off of its popular Nook electronic reader business. “In order to capitalize on the rapid growth of the Nook digital business, and its favorable leadership position in… Read More


Rematch: David Boies vs. Microsoft in Android case

Well, this should be interesting. David Boies, the lawyer who represented the U.S. Justice Department in its landmark antitrust case against Microsoft, has been retained by Barnes & Noble in its patent battle with the Redmond company over the use of Android in the Nook e-reader. The news was made public in a filing this… Read More


Barnes & Noble’s 29-page slide deck calls B.S. on Microsoft’s Android patent campaign

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Is this PowerPoint’s Revenge? A 29-page slide deck – made public this week in Microsoft’s patent lawsuit against Barnes & Noble — outlines, in great detail, the bookseller’s objections to the software company’s campaign to collect patent licensing fees from Android device makers. According to the cover page, the presentation was given by Barnes & Noble’s… Read More


Barnes & Noble unveils the new Nook, with touchscreen display

Barnes & Noble today introduced the latest version of the Nook. And like yesterday’s announcement by rival Kobo, Barnes & Noble’s new electronic reader features a 6-inch eInk touchscreen. But Barnes & Noble is promising even more, saying that the new gadget will be able to sustain battery life of two months on a single… Read More


The patents Microsoft is using to sue Barnes & Noble

Just how many anti-Android patents does Microsoft have up its sleeve? In reading through the Redmond company’s lawsuit this afternoon against Barnes & Noble and the manufacturers of the Nook e-reader over its use of Android, it would have made sense to see a lot of crossover with the patents cited in Microsoft’s suit against… Read More

Microsoft alleges that Barnes & Nobles use of Android in its Nook line infringes on its patents.

Microsoft sues Barnes & Noble over Android in Nook

Microsoft says it has filed patent infringement lawsuits against Barnes & Noble and the manufacturers of its Nook e-reader, based on the Redmond company’s assertion that the Android operating system violates its intellectual property. The lawsuits, naming manufacturers Foxconn and Inventec in addition to the book giant, were filed in the U.S. District Court in… Read More