Steven VanRoekel, U.S. Chief Information Officer.

Interview: White House forms strike force of top geeks for tough tech projects

A newly formed federal team called the U.S. Digital Service will help governmental agencies learn from the way modern tech companies develop, roll out and run large technology projects. The initiative was announced this week in Washington, D.C., by Steven VanRoekel, the U.S. chief information officer, who worked for many years at Microsoft, including a stint as Bill Gates’ strategy… Read More

Moz CEO Sarah Bird

Moz CEO Sarah Bird shares work-life balance strategies with Joe Biden, Michelle Obama at White House summit

Sarah Bird has had quite the couple of days in Washington D.C. this week. The Moz CEO was invited to speak at The White House Summit on Working Families, which brought together industry leaders who shared their insight into the best workplace practices that are supportive of employees with families. Bird was originally asked to come to… Read More


President Obama references the ‘really smart people at Microsoft’ at Seahawks White House ceremony

Seahawks fans are so loud President Barack Obama thinks that some cheating is going on. As customary for teams that win the Super Bowl, the world champion Seattle Seahawks visited the White House Wednesday to meet with Obama, who congratulated the Hawks for their historic 2013-14 season. During his short speech, he mentioned the record-setting, ear-splitting noise… Read More


Even President Barack Obama knows Facebook is no longer cool for younger people

The idea that teens on social media are losing interest in Facebook is now so mainstream that even President Barack Obama is aware of the trend. The Atlantic’s Robinson Meyer just penned this hilarious post about his random encounter with an apparent healthcare-related focus group at a Washington D.C. cafe that included Obama. Meyer did his best… Read More


Obama uses Xbox to explain his stance in government shutdown

Maybe President Barack Obama pre-ordered an Xbox One for his daughters. Or it’s possible that he’s been taking some stress out recently by getting on the sticks. Whatever the case, Obama just plugged Microsoft’s Xbox when discussing the nation’s battle over the government shutdown. While explaining why he thinks Republicans are being unreasonable in their attempt… Read More


Barack Obama’s famous election victory declaration photo attracted 25 million views on Twitter

If you were on social media or watched the news during the presidential election last year, it’s likely you saw President Barack Obama’s famous photo tweeted out from his Twitter account. The photo, which featured Barack hugging the First Lady and the caption “Four More Years,” was the first official victory proclamation made by the… Read More


Photos: Obama tours Amazon fulfillment center

President Obama just wrapped up his trip to an fulfillment center in Chattanooga, Tenn., where he toured the facilities and praised the Seattle online retail giant for being a “great example of what’s possible.” Obama’s speech also touched on his new jobs plan, dog food, Kindles, beard trimmers and protein powder. Here are some photos from… Read More


Bill Gates addresses cybersecurity threats, then gets hacked

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates stopped by the Washington Post today and spoke about his support for addressing the threats of cybersecurity. Coincidentally, Gates today became the latest celebrity to have his credit card, social security and other information posted online as part of an ongoing celebrity doxxing fiasco. Gates’ SSN, date of birth, address and credit card… Read More


Visual language: Stagecraft in Obama’s Google Hangout

The President may be a master of the teleprompter, but Google+ hangouts ain’t television. You can replay yesterday’s hangout with Barack Obama here, though sometimes the visual language of a video event reads louder when you freeze the frames. So here is a collage of screenshots from the Valentine’s Day Google hangout with President Obama…. Read More


3 ways to enhance your State of the Union viewing experience

President Barack Obama will deliver his fourth State of the Union address tonight at 6 p.m PST with Apple CEO Tim Cook on hand. It will be interesting to see if Obama speaks about technology and/or entrepreneurship — if you recall last year’s speech, Obama sounded more like a venture capitalist than the president of the United… Read More


President Obama: Let’s reward successful foreign-born entrepreneurs with startup visas

President Barack Obama wants to make it easier for foreign-born startup founders to stay in the U.S. after launching successful companies. In a speech today discussing immigration policy, Obama said that the country needs “startup visas” for founders who raise a minimum level of financing and employ a certain number of people. Obama noted how several… Read More


Twitter growth: 1.1 million Inauguration-related Tweets compared to just 82,392 in 2009

President Barack Obama’s second inauguration Monday morning provided us with another way to see Twitter’s surging popularity. There were 1.1 million Inauguration-related Tweets sent out during today’s 67-minute ceremony, according to Twitter’s government and politics team. That’s an incredible 13 times more than the 82,392 sent out four years ago during Obama’s first inauguration. The Tweets… Read More

election 200

Get your democracy on: Chirpify launches campaign donations via Twitter

Portland-based Chirpify is helping this year’s presidential candidates raise funds by allowing users to donate to either Obama or Romney’s campaigns via Twitter. The Twitter-based commerce platform will allow users to give money to either candidate via its new in-stream Twitter donation platform, launching today. Chirpify also reports that at least 25 other U.S. senators… Read More


Obama presses Americans to win the innovation race and support the next Steve Jobs

Ingenuity, innovation and entrepreneurship are cornerstones of the American experience, attributes that the United States should support, encourage and bankroll as the country emerges from a long and hard economic morass. That was one of the key messages delivered tonight by President Barack Obama during his state of the union address, a message highlighted by… Read More


GeekWire Radio: Facebook, Skype, Obama, Twitter, and gauging the rise of Google+

This week on the GeekWire radio show and podcast, guest host Monica Guzman fills in for John to help us run down the week’s biggest tech news headlines — including Facebook’s partnership with Skype, President Obama’s Twitter news conference, and the Experience Music Project’s attempt to establish a new identity for itself. Then we’re joined… Read More


Recap: Twitter and Obama reinvent the town hall, with a little help from algorithms

Guest Post: Today, President Obama participated in the first White House Town Hall on Twitter. The White House asked people to participate by sending their questions via Twitter using the hashtag #askobama. Social media have introduced two-way direct communication and Obama used the town hall as a way to harness this real-time communication. The town… Read More