Protecting the cloud: Amazon gains key certification from Department of Defense

Amazon announced today that Amazon Web Services has received a provisional certification from the Department of Defense under the department’s Cloud Security Model, showing that the company has met the DoD’s requirements for securing cloud information against attack. The certifications apply to all of Amazon’s four regions across the U.S., including its GovCloud region that’s… Read More


Google Cloud Platform roadshow aims to lure companies from Azure, AWS

Google’s cloud services team is going on an international tour in a bid to bring companies onto its cloud services platform, the company announced today. Following its Google Cloud Platform Live conference later this month, representatives from the company’s cloud team will visit 25 different cities in Europe, Asia and North America. The roadshow is… Read More

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Security researchers: Amazon hosts nearly half of the top 10 malware distributors

Thousands upon thousands of people use Amazon Web Services to host their websites — including some of the most tenacious malware distributors in the world. A new study from IT security firm Solutionary reveals the top 10 sites that distribute the most malware. Amazon hosts four of them, including the top malware hosting site, The… Read More


Netflix aims to prevent another Christmas Eve disaster with new technology

On Christmas Eve of last year, problems with Amazon Web Services brought down Netflix’s platform, causing frustrated customers to take to social networks and complain as their family movie nights ground to a screeching halt. Now, thanks to new capabilities, Netflix seems confident it can weather a disaster of even greater proportions. In a new blog… Read More

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Amazon opens access to cloud database service

Amazon’s Relational Database Service (RDS) has officially opened to all users after three years of only being available to chosen Amazon Web Services customers. The service allows users to host MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases in the AWS cloud. Payment is charged per month based on the size of the database and the number… Read More


Amazon downgraded by JP Morgan over slower growth

 Amazon was downgraded from overweight to neutral by JP Morgan Chase overnight, and the company’s share price is feeling the effects this morning — down about 2.8 percent to 267.50. JP Morgan’s Doug Anmuth lowered his price target to 300 from 330, saying that he expects Amazon to have a hard time growing its market share… Read More


Amazon Web Services blames power loss for outage that’s knocking some sites offline

Amazon Web Services is once again experiencing hiccups, suffering service interruptions that are knocking some sites offline. The problems are occurring at the company’s facilities in Northern Virginia, the same location that was impacted by a massive failure last year that gave the Seattle company’s cloud computing services a black eye. “We can confirm a… Read More


Amazon launches new online store for cloud-based software

Amazon Web Services is hoping to make it easier for customers to find Web-based software with today’s launch of AWS Marketplace, a new online store where customers can purchase software and pay by the hour or month. The new store features products and services from companies such as Couchbase, Check Point Software, IBM, Microsoft, SAP and Zend…. Read More


Stat of the day: A third of all Internet users visit a site that uses Amazon’s infrastructure’s lead in the cloud computing arena is well known, but just how far ahead is the company in providing the core backend infrastructure to make companies’ Web sites run? Consider this report by Wired magazine: According to research by DeepField Networks, one-third of Internet users in visited a Web site that used Amazon’s services… Read More


Chart: Amazon S3 grows, with 905 billion objects now stored

Amazon has released new numbers showing continued growth for its Simple Storage Service, better known as S3, one of the core components of Amazon Web Services for third-party web developers. Between the fourth quarter of 2011 and the second quarter of 2012, the number of objects stored in S3 rose 19 percent, from 762 billion… Read More


Raveld reveals Klout-like score for cloud spending on AWS

It may start getting easier to make optimal Amazon Web Services purchasing decisions. Or, at least, less expensive. Raveld, a Seattle-based startup formed last year, is launching a new free service to help organizations decide which AWS resources they need. At its heart, it is a report containing what the company calls the Raveld Score,… Read More


Amazon Web Services: Almost a billion-dollar business?

Amazon Web Services is poised top $1 billion in cloud services revenue in 2012, according to a new report from research firm IDC that underscores the rise of cloud computing across the tech industry, and the increasing significance of AWS to the Seattle-based online retailer. Google’s cloud-based enterprise technology business should reach that milestone 18… Read More


Amazon Web Services opens new West Coast hub in Oregon

Companies utilizing Amazon Web Services now have a new option. The Seattle company today opened a new U.S. West regional hub in Oregon, one that the company said will offer lower-cost pricing. “Since the launch of AWS over five years ago, we’ve lowered our prices over a dozen times,” said Andy Jassy, Senior Vice President… Read More