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Never text and drive again: Ford inks deal with Glympse for hands-free location sharing

Texting and driving continues to be a big problem, despite powerful public service announcements condemning the practice. Now, a new technology from Seattle startup Glympse and auto maker Ford could help to wipe out texting from behind the wheel. Basically, the new service allows drivers to share their location information with friends and family members… Read More


Driver distractions: Study shows how smartphones keep our eyes off the road

While smartphones are helping us stay connected like we’ve never been before, it’s quickly becoming a big problem for driving distracted. In an interesting study done by the auto industry’s top lobbying group, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, 5,000 car owners were polled about their driving habits and the numbers reiterate the fact that our increasing… Read More


BMW picks INRIX to help drivers maneuver through traffic gridlock

Earlier today, we told you about a new partnership that integrates the real-time location sharing information from Glympse into the dashboards of new vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. But Glympse isn’t the only Seattle tech upstart linking arms with a big German car company at the Telematics Detroit conference today. In other news from the show, Kirkland-based… Read More


Ad giant WPP invests in auto survey company Enprecis

Enprecis has been around for about six years, quietly growing its business for collecting consumer information related to automobiles. But the Seattle company, which employs about 30 people, is expanding its profile these days with a $2.9 million round of financing led by advertising giant WPP. Enprecis CEO Richard Counihan said the funding marks the… Read More


How car dealers embrace, and erode, the web

We may finally be seeing how business, when faced with a technological threat, adapts. Not by changing practices. But by waiting until it can develop antibodies to overwhelm the intruder. Twelve years ago, I bought my first car online. Routine as it might sound now, it was a Big Deal back then. The web (still… Read More