The Union Station office complex

Attachmate moving HQ to Seattle’s Union Station

One of Seattle’s oldest technology companies is moving to one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods. Attachmate announced today that it plans to relocate from its longtime West Lake Union home (originally the headquarters of WRQ, which merged with Attachmate in  2005) to new offices in Pioneer Square. Attachmate plans to move early next year into 705… Read More


Microsoft extends SUSE deal, agrees to buy another $100M in Linux support

Linux vendor Novell Inc. is no longer a standalone company, but Microsoft today announced an agreement with its successor, Attachmate’s SUSE unit, to extend by four years the technology collaboration agreement and controversial patent protection deal that the companies announced nearly five years ago. As part of the extended agreement, Microsoft agreed to spend an… Read More


Why did Wizard Parent (aka Attachmate) just raise $377M?

Attachmate is one of Seattle’s oldest software companies, with a history stretching back to the early 1980s. But did you know that it operates under the name of Wizard Parent LLC? We didn’t, and now that entity has appeared in a recent SEC filing as having raised $377 million. Why? A spokeswoman for the company… Read More