The next battleground for Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Google: Artificial Intelligence

  Digital personal assistants today can help you send messages, place phone calls, schedule meetings or find answers from the Internet. But there’s evidence that all the major tech giants are investing heavily in artificial intelligence to try and make digital assistants do a whole lot more helpful. At least that is what Raj Singh, the founder and CEO… Read More

Paul Allen

Paul Allen offers up $8M for artificial intelligence researchers to uncover ‘world-changing breakthroughs’

For the fourth year in a row, The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation is taking proposals from researchers interested in working on using “risky, novel approaches” to study artificial intelligence (AI) topics like machine reading, diagram interpretation and reasoning, and spatial and temporal reasoning. As part of the Allen Distinguished Investigator (ADI) Program, the foundation will offer $1… Read More


Paul Allen on the race between brain research and artificial intelligence — and why he’s betting on both

Over the past decade, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has committed $500 million toward understanding the brain through his Allen Institute for Brain Science — aiming to ultimately transform the treatment of related diseases and disorders including autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression. And earlier this month, he launched the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence — “AI-squared,” as… Read More


Q&A: ‘Final Jeopardy’ author Stephen Baker on Watson, IBM, the future of e-books and the fate of humanity

Stephen Baker is the journalist and author who traced IBM’s Watson project from its inception and development all the way through its TV duel with Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter on Jeopardy earlier this year. He’s in Seattle this week as part of a tour for his book, “Final Jeopardy” – speaking on the Microsoft campus… Read More