Dell exec to Steve Ballmer: Please rename Windows RT

At least one person wasn’t happy with the way Microsoft was naming its new ARM tablet operating system. Dell vice-chairman Jeffrey Clarke spoke at a conference last week and told a story of how he urged Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer earlier this year to rename Windows RT because it couldn’t run traditional Windows applications. Clarke… Read More


AMD and ARM get cozy with security deal, industry group

Chip maker AMD, holding its big software developer conference in Bellevue this week, announced a new partnership with ARM Holdings this morning that further aligns the behind-the-scenes technologies of the two companies. The partnership is viewed as an attempt to join forces against common rival Intel. Under the arrangement, AMD says it will develop a new… Read More


Analyst: Microsoft wrestling with ARM as Windows 8 nears

Veteran Wall Street analyst Rick Sherlund of Nomura Research has issued a report following a series of investor meetings last week with Windows marketing chief Tami Reller, providing a glimpse into the status of Microsoft’s Windows 8 as the company gears up for its launch, expected later this year. One of the more interesting tidbits… Read More