Report: Google prepping Nexus TV set-top box

According to a report by Amir Efrati at The Information, Google is working on a set-top box called the Nexus TV to rival the Apple TV, Xbox One and Amazon’s rumored FireTube. That meshes with earlier reports from the Wall Street Journal and GigaOM, which point to a resurrection of Google’s efforts to take a shot… Read More


Report: Amazon’s set-top box is coming for the holidays

Sites including Bloomberg Businessweek reported earlier this year that Amazon was working on a set-top box that would compete with the likes of Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast dongle. Speaking with GeekWire last week, Jeff Bezos said that he “wouldn’t want to speculate” on the company’s plans in the living room. Well, it seems the rumor… Read More


Report: Apple acquires TV guide startup Matcha

This May, Matcha, a video aggregation startup, went dark, and nobody knew why. Guy Piekarz, the company’s CEO and co-founder, cryptically told TechCrunch that the company was headed in a “new direction,” and refused to offer a further reason for the closure. Now word is leaking out. Citing an anonymous source with knowledge of the… Read More