Amazon jabs at iPad with high-profile home page ad

Amazon’s special messages to customers on its home page are usually very upbeat, touting the latest products and services from the company in positive tones. But the message appearing right now on is anything but polite, starting off with a quote from Gizmodo calling Apple “ballsy” for “cramming a worse screen screen in [the… Read More


Ask Andru: How can I make my iPad louder?

In today’s Ask Andru column, we get a question about an issue with the iPad that we’ve actually experienced ourselves for years. Ever since the release of the original iPad, it’s been painfully obvious that the speaker on the Apple tablet isn’t exactly up to snuff. It’s fine if you’re somewhere quiet, but go somewhere that… Read More


Amazon Prime’s new killer app: Kindle books by subscription

This is pretty interesting. tonight announced the “Kindle Owners’ Lending Library” — a virtual book-borrowing service for its Kindle devices. Not for Kindle apps on other devices, but only for Amazon’s own Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire tablet. It’s a no-extra-charge addition to the company’s existing Amazon Prime subscription service, adding digital-book lending to streaming… Read More