Windows and Mac meet Android in expanded Parallels Access remote desktop app

Parallels is releasing its Parallels Access remote desktop app for Android, making it possible to run Windows and Mac applications on Android-based tablets and phones, using an online connection to access apps and files on a computer at home or work. The company is also expanding its existing Parallels Access iOS app to include the iPhone, and reducing the required annual… Read More


Study: Men are more competitive than women in mobile gaming

A new study shows that while there is an even amount of men and women playing mobile games today, the behavior of each group while playing certainly differs. A survey, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Amazon, polled 880 mobile gamers and found three key findings: Men are more competitive than women in mobile gaming; women are less social about their… Read More


‘SmartQuit’ smoking cessation app lands $250k grant, exclusive Fred Hutch license

A smartphone app called “SmartQuit,” proven in clinical studies to help people stop smoking, will be brought to market after landing a $250,000 grant from the Washington Life Sciences Discovery Fund, and reaching an exclusive licensing agreement with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. The agreement was announced this morning, and the app is… Read More


GeekWire Awards: Vote for App of the Year

Marijuana, music, a secure Internet connection and the iPad. What more could a person want? OK, that’s a stretch, but those do represent some of the top trends in technology and our broader culture over the past year, and they’re also well-represented among the finalists for App of the Year in the GeekWire Awards: Leafly, Cloak… Read More


New iOS app VoxPixl adds your voice to your pictures

An app making its debut today on iPhone and iPad adds an entirely new element to pictures — your own voice. The free app, called VoxPixl, lets users record up to 30 seconds of narration for each photo they take, and easily store the audio and pictures online for posterity. Users can take a picture… Read More


Skype revamps Android app after 100M installs

Skype today announced a new milestone for its Android app, and with it came a big update. There have now been more than 100 million installs of Skype for Android, the Microsoft-owned company said Monday. Those users will see a revamped app that was just updated with a focus on messaging and conversations, just like… Read More


Meet Sidebar: Student programmer creates popular Android app at CodeDay Seattle

We’re pretty geeky up here in the Pacific Northwest. With messenger bags full of the latest Windows gear and too many new startups to count, we’re in no short supply of tech gurus. So it’s no surprise that in Seattle we have StudentRND preparing high school techies for the real world that awaits them. StudentRND’s multi-annual CodeDay hackathon took… Read More


Amazon to iOS users: Don’t install Kindle app update

Normally, app updates are supposed to allow for improvement and efficiency. That’s not the case with Amazon’s latest update for its iOS Kindle app, which went into effect yesterday and now seems to have a bug that can delete your entire book library. “Note: There is a known issue with this update,” it reads under… Read More


Fishing with a smartphone: ReelSonar helps you catch fish

Say goodbye to going home after a long day of fishing with nothing to show for it. A sweet new system called ReelSonar just made catching fish a whole lot easier with a little help from your smartphone. ReelSonar is a Bluetooth-enabled portable sonar fishfinder for your smartphone or tablet. It essentially tells you exactly… Read More

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Breaking down borders: Bing translator app now available for Windows Phone 8

Whether or not Microsoft is poised to lead the way in the tablet, video game and search engine arenas is still to be determined. But when it comes to language translation technology, the Redmond-based software company is certainly making strides. We wrote about the company’s potential breakthrough in speech recognition technology a few weeks ago and… Read More


Podcast: Xbox tries politics, tipping goes digital, and a chat with new LiquidPlanner CEO Liz Pearce

What happens when Microsoft’s Xbox Live tries politics? It gets a little confusing, and reveals a few things about the Xbox demographic. This week on the GeekWire radio show and podcast, we start our news segment by discussing what happened this week when the Redmond company’s game division streamed the first presidential debate along with an… Read More


Microsoft releases iPhone shopping app Edibly, starting at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is going digital. In collaboration with The Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority, the Bing team at Microsoft today launched Edibly, a free mobile app that aims to help users shop more efficiently. Bing is piloting the app at the world famous market. The 10 million visitors that come through every year can now preview products,… Read More


Taplister helps beer-lovers find what’s on tap

In the Pacific Northwest, breweries are about as common as the rain. Yet for some dubious reason, GQ left out both Portland and Seattle in its list of the five best beer cities in the country. Perhaps the GQers had a bit too much to drink while ranking the cities. Yelp lists 43 breweries near downtown… Read More

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New iPhone app eases the burn of state booze tax

More than a month into Washington state’s new laws on liquor sales, and consumers are still feeling the afterburn of sticker shock from taxes not necessarily shown on the shelf. Now, thankfully, there’s an app for that. Developed by Seattle-based tech journalist Matt Hickey (writer for The Daily and other publications) and Ryan Leisinger and Jon Ponsford… Read More


Kouply: This mobile game might just save your marriage

It’s the little things that make a marriage work. The flowers for no particular reason, the passionate kisses hello, the foot rubs, the gentle encouragement, the text messages saying you’ll be at the office another two hours so maybe just order pizza and put the kids to bed please? Love’s little moments are the inspiration for… Read More