App of the Week: CoupConnect lets you manage, buy and sell daily deals

So you bought a coupon for discounted car repair, or a haircut at the local salon, but it turns out you can’t use it? An app called CoupConnect aims to solve the problem — providing a secondary market for users to buy and sell daily deals. CoupConnect, developed by Seattle-area entrepreneur Prateek Jetly, was originally launched as a way for users… Read More


App of the Week: Endless Reader spells fun for preschoolers

It’s increasingly easy for young kids to pick up a phone or tablet and get sucked into an interactive experience, so why not accelerate their reading abilities in the process? That’s the concept behind Endless Reader, the latest in a series of apps from Originator Inc. that use interactive graphics, fun characters and wacky audio cues to help preschoolers… Read More


App of the Week: Oyster is the Netflix of e-books

For book lovers, one of the great things about the explosion of the e-book market is the ability to put hundreds of tomes on a single device and read them whenever possible. An e-book addiction can get quite expensive, though: spending $10 on a book every few days adds up quickly. That’s where Oyster comes in. The service is… Read More


App of the Week: 4 Chords brings karaoke to guitar

You took guitar lessons as a kid, picked up the basic chords, and retained just enough that now, as an adult, you can play a few tunes with your kids. You’d like to continue playing and learning songs, but you don’t have time for lessons. So, your dusty six-string sits in the corner, getting dustier. Sound familiar? If so, our… Read More


App of the Week: Carousel takes Dropbox photos for a spin

Dropbox is one of the leading providers of consumer cloud storage, but the company’s bread and butter has been offering users a folder on their computer that syncs to the cloud. Dropbox’s service has branched out to allow app data syncing and automated camera uploads, but Dropbox’s core interface hasn’t gotten much better. Working through… Read More