How this startup went from Microsoft’s Kinect Accelerator to creating a kickass iOS app

If you haven’t heard of Freak’n Genius, well, the past week at the company will tell you everything you need to know. The Seattle-based startup just debuted a extremely funny mobile app called YAKiT, which lets you manipulate the mouths of your family, friends, cats, dogs, celebrities and really, just about anything. To help promote and market… Read More


‘Picklestyle,’ the ultimate ‘Gangnam Style’ parody

We’ve all heard K-pop legend Psy’s chart-topper, “Gangnam Style.” His outrageous dance moves and catchy harmonies quickly went viral after the song’s release in July. For many, the song has run its course. But if you’re still hungry for more, we found the solution: “Picklestyle.” It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like — a personified… Read More


Seattle schools to offer digital animation, game courses

Budding digital animators and game programmers will soon have another option for learning those skills — through Seattle Public Schools’ new Skills Center. Applications are now being taken for the Skills Center, which will offer high school programs in Aerospace Science and Health Science, as well as a Cisco/Microsoft IT Academy for those pursuing careers… Read More


Freak’n Genius: Animation startup uses Microsoft Kinect to tap your inner goofball

Kyle Kesterson may be known around Seattle as a talented designer, artist and active participant in the Startup Weekend hackathons. But did you know that the entrepreneur also was the Geico Gecko? During University of Washington basketball games back in 2009, Kesterson donned the mascot costume of the insurance giant, entertaining fans with his outrageous… Read More