BuddyTV raises $1.5M, set to debut new TV discovery app

Gearing up to launch a brand new TV discovery app, Seattle-based BuddyTV has raised $1.5 million. BuddyTV was founded in 2005 by Andy Liu and David Niu — who sold their last company to aQuantive — and features TV news, listings, games, photos and more. Liu is still leading the team at BuddyTV, while Niu went… Read More


BuddyTV founder Andy Liu’s 8 tips on raising cash: ‘Not all money is good money’

Andy Liu is one of Seattle’s most sophisticated angel investors. He’s also one of the region’s most experienced entrepreneurs. That gives the poker-loving Wharton MBA — who continues to lead Seattle-based BuddyTV — a unique perspective from both sides of the startup fence. Speaking Monday at the Seattle Interactive Conference, Liu offered a few lessons… Read More

Andy Liu

Filing: Stealthy startup Top Level Spectrum lands cash

On the GeekWire podcast a few weeks ago, Seattle angel investor and BuddyTV co-founder Andy Liu noted that he’s been making a number of investments in recent months. We’ve reported on a few of those deals already this month, including recent investments in Chirpify and Venuelabs. Now, here’s another one, and it’s in deep, deep… Read More


Startup Awards: Vote for Seattle’s Investor of the Year

Even though it’s cheaper than ever to get a software or Internet company off the ground these days, money still matters. But the best investors bring more to the table than deep pockets, adding extra horsepower when startups need them the most. Today’s featured category in the Seattle 2.0 Startup Awards is Investor of the Year, recognizing some… Read More


CES Video: Sneak peek at BuddyTV’s updated iPad app

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, BuddyTV is previewing an upcoming update to its BuddyTV Guide iPad app. The update from the Seattle company integrates new social features into the experience, such as the ability to invite friends to watch and chat about shows together. BuddyTV CEO Andy Liu gives us a run-through… Read More


A match made in heaven: ooBible buys eBible.com

When I first wrote about the Seattle digital bible startup ooBible three months ago, I stumbled a bit on the name. After all, it’s not too common to see a company name start with two vowels. (The double Os were intended to represent the infinity symbol). Now, ooBible creator Colin Wong is solving that branding… Read More


Soak the rich: One entrepreneur’s take on fixing the debt crisis and saving the economy

Let’s soak the rich. Apparently that’s what most Americans think should happen to reduce the deficit, including Warren Buffett.  A recent CNN poll says that 63 percent of Americans want to raise taxes on the rich. Everyone knows that our federal deficit is unsustainable.  It’s clear to me that one of the biggest bubbles that we’re building is… Read More

Marcelo Calbucci

Marcelo Calbucci lands CTO gig at EveryMove, Andy Liu joins board

Marcelo Calbucci has a new gig. The founder of Seattle 2.0 today was named the chief technology officer at EveryMove, a Seattle startup that’ says it is “revolutionizing your health and fitness through personal technology.” In addition, the company named Seattle angel investor and BuddyTV CEO Andy Liu to its board, and announced a partnership… Read More