Protecting the cloud: Amazon gains key certification from Department of Defense

Amazon announced today that Amazon Web Services has received a provisional certification from the Department of Defense under the department’s Cloud Security Model, showing that the company has met the DoD’s requirements for securing cloud information against attack. The certifications apply to all of Amazon’s four regions across the U.S., including its GovCloud region that’s… Read More


Amazon Web Services’ Andy Jassy: The ‘economics of what we’re doing is extremely disruptive’ to the old-guard

Why is going to kick the butt of Microsoft, IBM and everyone else in cloud computing for a long time to come? Amazon Web Services chief Andy Jassy essentially laid out the case today at the company’s Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, telling some 20,000 attendees that the company’s focus on high-volume, low-margin businesses… Read More

Amazon Web Services

Amazon’s new cloud services may blow your mind

At Tuesday’s Structure:Europe event,’s CTO Werner Vogels hinted that “there are things coming down the pipe you wouldn’t believe,” when asked about what’s in store for Amazon’s Web Services. GigaOM did a little speculating this morning into what Vogels could have been talking about, and some of the possibilities are pretty interesting. A few predictions:… Read More


Amazon Web Services boss Andy Jassy on competition, price wars, and getting big

The closing session at yesterday’s WTIA TechNW conference in Seattle was a conversation with Andy Jassy, the senior vice president in charge of Amazon Web Services, the cloud-computing division of the tech giant. The interview by Madrona Venture Group’s Matt McIlwain didn’t exactly hold Jassy’s feet to the fire, starting off with McIlwain saying he… Read More