Microsoft releases Xbox SmartGlass for Kindle Fire

Microsoft debuted its Xbox SmartGlass app for Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD this morning, giving Xbox 360 users with one of the Amazon tablets a new way to interact with their living room consoles. SmartGlass is Microsoft’s “second screen” experience, offering the ability to use a tablet or phone to enter text, select content,… Read More


Microsoft pokes at Facebook, says new ‘Home’ is like Windows Phone in 2011

Microsoft is a longtime Facebook partner and investor, but that isn’t stopping the Redmond company from making some jabs over Facebook’s choice of Android for its new “Home” user interface — a replacement home screen centered around the user’s social network and friends. In a post this morning, Microsoft communications chief Frank Shaw says he… Read More


Facebook Home: A replacement for Android homescreens designed around people

Facebook today announced a new Android software integration called Facebook Home that will put Facebook services at the forefront of smartphone homescreens. “With Home you see your world around people, not apps,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today. Facebook Home essentially turns your phone into a Facebook smartphone. It’s a family of apps that includes… Read More

Andy Rubin

Android’s Rubin changes roles, Google Chrome leader takes over

Google just announced a leadership change for the company’s Android group, with potentially meaningful implications for Google’s operating systems and apps: Andy Rubin, the longtime Android boss, is changing to a new role inside the company. Sundar Pichai, who already heads up Chrome and apps for the company, will be taking on leadership of Android,… Read More

Will Kindle's soon have airbags to prevent cracked screens?

Kindle Fire scorching Android tablet market with 33% share

In terms of dominating the Android tablet market, Amazon’s Kindle Fire is on fire. According to some rough estimates from mobile app analytics service Localytics, Kindle Fire devices in the U.S. alone account for 33 percent of all Android tablets worldwide. The United States alone has the world’s biggest tablet share at 59 percent, with… Read More


Driver data: Race Capture Pro delivers real-time racing info

Race car drivers all share one thing in common: To cross the finish line in as little time as possible. Seattle-based AutoSport Labs is helping them do that with some pretty neat technology. The company just smashed its indiegogo funding goal by over 150 percent for Race Capture Pro, a revolutionary open-sourced alternative for collecting driving… Read More


Analyze the economy with app now available for Android

To learn how our economy is performing, you have some options. Listening to the talking-heads on T.V. is one, for example, or maybe you’d prefer delving through virtual stacks of statistics on government websites. But to make the process easier, a better option might be to use Cascade Software’s Economy app. The Seattle-based startup just… Read More


2012 mobile trends: Samsung surging, iPad mini popular

Millennial Media, an independent mobile advertising platform, reflected on 2012 mobile trends and a few things stood out: The surging growth of Samsung and the popularity of the iPad mini. Looking at overall share of Android devices accessing apps using Millennial’s mobile ad platform, Samsung held 46 percent of impressions overall among Android devices in Q3 2012…. Read More


Help from abroad: Microsoft teaming with China Unicom to boost Windows Phone sales

The Windows Phone is getting a little help from abroad. The China Daily reports today that China Unicom, the world’s third-largest carrier, announced a partnership with Microsoft to help sales and innovation of Windows Phone devices in China. Microsoft certainly needs any help it can get, as Windows Phone devices account for less than 3 percent of mobile market… Read More


App of the Week: SideCar offers ‘spontaneous carpools’

This week’s App of the Week is SideCar, the community ridesharing service that connects people who need rides with drivers who have extra space in their cars. It works via apps on Android and iPhone/iPad. SideCar recently expanded to Seattle from its original market of San Francisco. Andru Edwards of, our guest on this… Read More

iPhone vs. Android

Android vs. iOS: 136 million to 27 million shipments in Q3

Android continued to gain market share during the third quarter, accounting for 75 percent of all smartphone shipments. That compared to 15 percent for Apple’s iOS and 4.3 percent for BlackBerry, according to a report out from IDC. Windows Phone, while showing gains from the third quarter of 2011, still remains far behind at just… Read More


Swype adds keyboard features, but no word of iPhone app

Swype is adding new features to its keyboard app for mobile phones, including a personalized dictionary that syncs between devices; additional language support and a number of new keyboard designs. The dictionary even includes updates of new buzzwords, such as “Gangnam Style.” But don’t try to install the new app on your iPhone. As  has been… Read More


Microsoft will sue Google directly in Android case

Microsoft and Google have fighting for a while over the Redmond company’s claim that the Android mobile operating system violates its patents. But up to this point, Microsoft’s court cases and licensing negotiations have dealt with Google’s partners, the hardware vendors that make Android devices. That will now be changing, as Microsoft adds Google as… Read More