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Android co-founder Rich Miner: Microsoft stifling innovation inspired me to build an open-source OS

SAN FRANCISCO — While Google’s mobile operating system is currently eating Microsoft’s lunch in terms of market share, one of Android’s co-founders said that Microsoft had an important role in the creation of what is now the world’s biggest smartphone OS. Miner, one of the co-founders of Android, said that Microsoft’s dominance of the PC… Read More


You can’t opt out of auto-playing Instagram video on mobile anymore, but here’s how to spare your wallet

When you next open up Instagram on your smartphone, there might be a video already playing for you. In an update released today, Facebook removed the toggle that prevented videos from autoplaying in the Instagram apps for iOS and Android. If that’s functionality you weren’t interested in to begin with, tough luck–there’s no way out…. Read More


Microsoft plans Windows remote desktop app for iOS

If you’re someone who needs to use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol to get access to a computer from afar, there’s good news on the horizon: Microsoft is working on an official mobile remote desktop app. Austria-based HLW software, makers of the iTap RDP and VNC clients for iOS, Mac OS X and Android, has discontinued… Read More

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Boeing preps for possible future without BlackBerry, tests Android alternatives

Boeing is telling employees that it’s sticking with BlackBerry as its “standard mobile platform” after receiving assurances from BlackBerry executives about the smartphone maker’s dedication to providing a “secure, private environment” for business. However, as a contingency, the aerospace giant is also accelerating its certification of Android devices as a potential alternative. It’s one example… Read More


Record profit for Samsung, first quarterly loss for HTC

The difference between two of the most well-known smartphone makers could hardly be more stark these days. Samsung issued earnings guidance overnight for record operating profit of at least $9.2 billion in the third quarter, with about two-thirds of that coming from its mobile business, including its dominant Android-based smartphones. It’s doing well enough that one of… Read More


iPhone shows summer sales gains over Android in U.S.

While some analysts are convinced that Apple’s smartphone business is doomed, new sales data would seem to indicate that the iPhone still has fight left in it. According to a report by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Apple made significant sales gains over Android during the summer in the U.S., even before the launch of the iPhone… Read More

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RealNetworks tries to get back in sync with new ‘RealPlayer Cloud’ service

One of the original brands behind the Internet media revolution, RealPlayer, is making a push into the cloud era with a new service, RealPlayer Cloud, that aims to solve some of the toughest challenges involved in sharing and distributing videos online. RealNetworks calls it the first integrated video player and cloud service. The Seattle-based company… Read More


Report: Plants vs. Zombies 2 coming to Android

For Android owners who have been chomping at the bit to play Plants vs. Zombies 2, there’s good news to report today. Sources tell Polygon that PopCap’s massively-popular game will launch on Android devices in October. The title has been available in Apple’s App Store a little over one month now and hit 25 million downloads in about… Read More


Google expands reach of Wallet with new iPhone app

Following its update on Tuesday that brought its payment software to all Android phones – not just those with Near Field Communication wireless transmission — Google has now made it possible for iPhone users to get in on Google Wallet. The iPhone app shares features with Wallet’s Android app, including the ability to store loyalty… Read More


Microsoft vs. Motorola: It’s game day, and the jury is dressed accordingly

Updated with details of Motorola’s closing argument. After a trial lasting more than a week, lawyers for Microsoft and Motorola are making their closing arguments in U.S. District Court in Seattle this morning, before the jury starts its deliberations in the high-profile patent case this afternoon. Even after hours upon hours of testimony about esoteric… Read More

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The next version of Android is named “KitKat,” comes with a sweet promotion

Android has hit a milestone, with Google’s mobile operating system officially topping the 1 billion activations mark. To celebrate, the company announced its next named release of the Android operating system: Android 4.4, code named “KitKat.” There’s no word yet as to what changes to the OS will be coming with “KitKat,” which would appear… Read More


Microsoft patent chief in court: We weren’t trying to put Motorola out of business

How far apart are Microsoft and Motorola these days? They can’t even agree on what they’re arguing about. The trial under way between the companies in U.S. District Court in Seattle is ostensibly about patents needed to implement wireless and video standards, but the primary focus this afternoon was something different — Microsoft’s separate patent… Read More

The Samsung Galaxy S3 on the left, and the new Galaxy S4 on the right.

Gartner: Smartphone sales beat feature phones, rising tide lifts Samsung, Microsoft

For the first time in the history of cell phones, smartphone sales have exceeded those of feature phones, according to new quarterly sales numbers released today by Gartner. As it turns out, though, a rising tide does not lift all boats equally, with Android continuing to cement its dominance, carried aloft by Samsung’s sales. Samsung’s… Read More