Swype meets iPhone, finally: Apple’s iOS 8 to bring third-party keyboard support

Here’s a surprise from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference: iOS 8, the next version of Apple’s operating system for iPad and iPhone, will add support for third-party keyboards, allowing users to replace the native keyboard from Apple. This is a breakthrough for keyboard apps including SwiftKey and Swype, which was a Seattle startup before its acquisition by Nuance Communications,… Read More


Xamarin update helps Windows developers create iOS and Android apps

Programmers who use Microsoft’s C# programming language now have an easier way to build mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Xamarin announced version 3 of its development solution today, complete with new features designed to make it easier for Windows-oriented devs to create mobile apps for other platforms. Xamarin, which currently serves more than 600,000 developers, lets .NET… Read More


GeekWire Radio: This 15-year-old iPhone stethoscope inventor is just getting started

It’s been a big month for Suman Mulumudi, 15-year-old inventor of the Steth IO smartphone-enabled stethoscope — with an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, followed by a first place finish at the WTIA Spring First Look Forum. So who is this young entrepreneur, and what makes him tick? We’re pleased to welcome Suman as a guest on the… Read More


Smart address book Addappt expands to Android, adds new iPhone features

Addappt, a smart address book created by veterans of LinkedIn and Microsoft, rolled out a new version of its iPhone app today and expanded to Android — the latest steps in its attempt to address the age-old challenge of easily keeping contact information up to date. The app’s flagship feature is the ability for friends to update their information in your address… Read More


Windows Phone web usage tops BlackBerry, flat overall

Microsoft Windows Phone devices are responsible for mobile web traffic than BlackBerry smartphones in North America, according to a new report from Chitika. As a proxy for mobile engagement and usage, the stat is more unfortunate news for an already-ailing BlackBerry, and not as good for Microsoft as it might seem at first glance. Windows Phone web traffic was basically flat from February… Read More


Nuance responds to privacy concerns over its Swype keyboard having too much location data

Nuance is responding to privacy concerns today after customers complained that its Swype keyboard application was accessing their whereabouts excessively. In one case, a customer said his or her information was accessed nearly 4,000 times a day. While the post on the company’s forum is old, it was thrust into the spotlight this morning after it was posted on Y… Read More

eBay's new iPad homescreen

eBay refreshes mobile apps and homepage to tell stories, create community

EBay is rolling out of a mobile update and is refreshing one of its online experiences today in hopes of creating a customer experience it describes as hunting for treasure and being part of a connected commerce community. For frequent eBay users, the updates may appear minor, but the language being used by eBay’s President Devin Wenig hints at where… Read More


App of the Week: Carousel takes Dropbox photos for a spin

Dropbox is one of the leading providers of consumer cloud storage, but the company’s bread and butter has been offering users a folder on their computer that syncs to the cloud. Dropbox’s service has branched out to allow app data syncing and automated camera uploads, but Dropbox’s core interface hasn’t gotten much better. Working through… Read More


Facebook’s new ‘Nearby Friends’ feature aims to help users connect in real life

Facebook is rolling out a “Nearby Friends” feature to its mobile app, aiming to help users get together with people they know. When two friends who both have the feature enabled come into range with one another, they’ll get a push notification that says they’re in the area. Don’t worry, it’s optional, and opt-in. The feature… Read More


Microsoft confirms it’s making Office for Android tablets, too

After Microsoft unveiled Office for iPad during its news briefing today, CEO Satya Nadella said the company would be making Office available everywhere — on all phones, tablets and PCs. He didn’t mention Android tablets specifically, but now we have specific confirmation from the company that an Android tablet version is, in fact, in the… Read More


OK Google, make me a smartwatch: ‘Android Wear’ brings Google’s mobile OS to the wrist

Google announced today that it’s launching Android Wear, a version of its mobile operating system that’s designed to work with smartwatches to give users access to notifications and data from their phones on their wrists. The system is designed to give users an easy way to look at information from their smartphone without pulling it… Read More

HTC unveiled a new mid-range phone at Mobile World Congress called the Desire 816.

HTC: Volunteer your phone to cure cancer while you sleep

HTC says if 1 million of its smartphones owners donated their unused processing power, it would be equal to one of the world’s top supercomputers. The HTC Power to Give initiative was announced today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to let smartphone owners hand over their phone’s unspent processing power to assist in fighting… Read More