ESPN launches new SportsCenter app

While ESPN’s mobile apps have been going gangbusters – with its mobile properties seeing more visitors than its website in September – the sports broadcasting giant has decided to completely overhaul its popular ScoreCenter app for iOS and Android, and give it a new (yet) familiar name: SportsCenter. The new app features a redesign for… Read More


Google launches Newsstand app for Android, adding NYT and WSJ subscriptions

Google announced today that it is merging Currents, its Flipboard-like aggregator for interesting stories, with all of the periodical subscriptions available through Google Play into a new app called Google Play Newsstand. In addition, the company is now selling subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal and New York Times through the Google Play Store for… Read More


A family connector? SquareHub unveils new content sharing feature for small groups

SquareHub co-founder Dave Cotter thinks families need a new type of social network — one that’s “elastic” enough to adapt to the various devices or technologies that multiple generations are using. That’s why Cotter, a former general manager at who launched SquareHub earlier this year with backing from some of the region’s top angel… Read More


This iPad-loving, 5-year-old genius is Sony’s worst nightmare

Arden Hayes, a 5-year-old “whiz kid” from Carlyle, Ill., was back on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, expanding beyond his previous display of U.S. Presidential knowledge to wow the host and the audience with his knowledge of geography — identifying random countries and their capitals with a level of expertise that most adults will never… Read More

Dan Miner

Android co-founder Rich Miner: Microsoft stifling innovation inspired me to build an open-source OS

SAN FRANCISCO — While Google’s mobile operating system is currently eating Microsoft’s lunch in terms of market share, one of Android’s co-founders said that Microsoft had an important role in the creation of what is now the world’s biggest smartphone OS. Miner, one of the co-founders of Android, said that Microsoft’s dominance of the PC… Read More


You can’t opt out of auto-playing Instagram video on mobile anymore, but here’s how to spare your wallet

When you next open up Instagram on your smartphone, there might be a video already playing for you. In an update released today, Facebook removed the toggle that prevented videos from autoplaying in the Instagram apps for iOS and Android. If that’s functionality you weren’t interested in to begin with, tough luck–there’s no way out…. Read More


Microsoft plans Windows remote desktop app for iOS

If you’re someone who needs to use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol to get access to a computer from afar, there’s good news on the horizon: Microsoft is working on an official mobile remote desktop app. Austria-based HLW software, makers of the iTap RDP and VNC clients for iOS, Mac OS X and Android, has discontinued… Read More

boeing building

Boeing preps for possible future without BlackBerry, tests Android alternatives

Boeing is telling employees that it’s sticking with BlackBerry as its “standard mobile platform” after receiving assurances from BlackBerry executives about the smartphone maker’s dedication to providing a “secure, private environment” for business. However, as a contingency, the aerospace giant is also accelerating its certification of Android devices as a potential alternative. It’s one example… Read More