amazonlogo profits tank as company adds whopping 4,200 employees in one quarter just reported quarterly profits significantly below Wall Street’s expectations, despite revenues that exceeded them, and the reason is spelled out in the employment data accompanying the report. The company exploded with growth during the first quarter — expanding its entire employee base by 4,200 people, or 12 percent, in just three months, bringing its… Read More


AWS outage: Mum’s the tweet

For many companies these days, the first instinct in a crisis is to turn to Twitter to get the message out and communicate with customers and other people affected by the incident. Which is why, as the Amazon Web Services outage reached its apparent conclusion today, it was remarkable to look at the company’s official… Read More


GeekWire Podcast: iPhone tracking, Kindle lending, and a tech news extravaganza

This week’s GeekWire Podcast is a little different — a technology reporters’ roundtable featuring special guests Tricia Duryee of AllThingsD and Wilson Rothman of They join me in the studio to talk about the biggest tech headlines of the week, including iPhone location tracking, the latest enhancements to the Kindle, Google Android, the Amazon… Read More


Mozy executive Russ Stockdale on VMware deal: ‘I’d classify it as a transfer of talent’

Mozy has built a big business around online backups. But most people don’t realize that the company’s headquarters is located right here in Seattle. About 50 of Mozy’s 350 employees are housed along the waterfront in the World Trade Center building, with the remainder in Utah, China and Ireland. We chatted with Russ Stockdale, chief marketing… Read More


Q&A: Rhapsody rebounding after RealNetworks spinoff

Rhapsody International, on its own now for a full year, has added more than 100,000 new subscribers over the past year, climbing to more than 750,000 — capitalizing on a monthly price reduction and the rise of mobile apps to pull out of its tailspin and boost its customer base for the first time since… Read More


Amazon Cloud Drive: What the critics, naysayers and fanboys say

Since its debut Monday night,’s new Cloud Drive music storage service has attracted plenty of attention. (Team GeekWire, in fact, entertained two TV news crews today that wanted to talk about its implications). Cloud Drive is a big deal, and the consumer reaction so far has been pretty positive. After all, the idea that… Read More


Amazon unveils Cloud Drive, a cloud-based online music service

Can knock Apple off its digital music perch? The Seattle online retailer sure is trying to make inroads against its larger rival, and the company’s latest effort is Cloud Drive. The new digital music storage service allows users to store their personal collections in the cloud, and then access the songs (or videos for… Read More


How Amazon added real page numbers to Kindle books last month announced that it was adding “real” page numbers to Kindle books — corresponding to the page numbers in print copies of the same titles. But how, exactly, did the company pull of this technological feat? An interesting behind-the-scenes writeup today on Amazon’s Kindle Daily Post blog explains how. The underlying tools —… Read More