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Amazon Web Services outage takes down sites, Virginia data center to blame (again)

Another problem at Amazon.com’s data center in Virginia has knocked several sites offline, the latest problem for the company’s cloud computing efforts. For whatever reason, it always seems to be the company’s data center in Virginia which causes problems. (Previously on GeekWire from April 2011: Massive failure at Amazon Web Services causes havoc for Quora, Foursquare… Read More

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Amazon’s new cloud services may blow your mind

At Tuesday’s Structure:Europe event, Amazon.com’s CTO Werner Vogels hinted that “there are things coming down the pipe you wouldn’t believe,” when asked about what’s in store for Amazon’s Web Services. GigaOM did a little speculating this morning into what Vogels could have been talking about, and some of the possibilities are pretty interesting. A few predictions:… Read More


Amazon Web Services boss Andy Jassy on competition, price wars, and getting big

The closing session at yesterday’s WTIA TechNW conference in Seattle was a conversation with Andy Jassy, the senior vice president in charge of Amazon Web Services, the cloud-computing division of the tech giant. The interview by Madrona Venture Group’s Matt McIlwain didn’t exactly hold Jassy’s feet to the fire, starting off with McIlwain saying he… Read More

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Amazon unveils Reserved Instant Marketplace, an exchange for cloud services

Amazon Web Services today introduced a new offering called Reserved Instance Marketplace, an online exchange of sorts where customers can sell their excess Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Reserved Instances to other businesses and organizations. Amazon explains in a press release: The Reserved Instance Marketplace gives customers the flexibility to sell the remainder of their Reserved Instances as… Read More


Amazon unveils new storage and backup service ‘Glacier’

Another day, another new offering from Amazon Web Services. Today, the company rolled out Amazon Glacier, described as a low-cost storage, data archiving and backup service. “With Amazon Glacier, customers can reliably store large or small amounts of data for as little as $0.01 per gigabyte per month, a significant savings compared to on-premises solutions,”… Read More

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Amazon’s cloud powering NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover

Amazon, the online super-retailer and South Lake Union Overlord, has the cloud computing system that best suits NASA’s latest and greatest mission to Mars — storing images and data from the space rover Curiosity’s mission. As reported by the LA Times, NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory picked Amazon’s web services for its Mars Exploration Rover and Mars… Read More


Dating site dumps Amazon Web Services over latest outage

The latest Amazon Web Services outage last weekend was apparently the last straw for one of the company’s customers, an online dating service that has decided to end its relationship with the Seattle company and hook up with another hosting provider. Unlike most breakups, this one comes with its own news release. The site is… Read More


Amazon issues statement following last weekend’s outage

Amazon Web Services offered a few more details on the outage that struck its Northern Virginia data center over the weekend, an outage that knocked popular services such as Netflix and Instagram offline. Here’s the statement that Amazon issued Monday: Severe thunderstorms caused us to lose primary and backup generator power to a portion of… Read More


Chart: Amazon S3 grows, with 905 billion objects now stored

Amazon has released new numbers showing continued growth for its Simple Storage Service, better known as S3, one of the core components of Amazon Web Services for third-party web developers. Between the fourth quarter of 2011 and the second quarter of 2012, the number of objects stored in S3 rose 19 percent, from 762 billion… Read More

President Obama confirms the news of bin Laden's death. (White House photo)

Obama pledges $200 million for ‘big data’ initiative

“Big data” is perhaps the hottest buzzword in technology these days. And now President Obama is jumping on the bandwagon, announcing a new $200 million R&D initiative today that’s designed to make better sense of the mountains of data being created and collected across a number of scientific disciplines, from biotechnology to geology. “By improving… Read More


Sony gaming unit dumps some Amazon Web Services, moves to Rackspace’s OpenStack

Sony Computer Entertainment of America is shifting some of its hosting services from Amazon Web Services to Rackspace’s OpenStack platform, a move that comes after last year’s high-profile PlayStation Network outage, according to a report by Network World. According to a report by Bloomberg shortly after the outage, the hacker in the Sony incident allegedly… Read More


Amazon Web Services cuts prices again, cites lower costs

Amazon Web Services announced another round of price reductions in its services for data storage, processing and computing in the cloud, aiming for more business from application developers and companies. The reductions range as high as 37 percent for some services. It’s the 19th time the company has lowered its AWS prices in the past… Read More


Amazon’s DynamoDB: What it is, and why it matters

Guest Commentary: Amazon Web Services this morning announced a new service called DynamoDB — rolling out, in public form, a cloud database technology already used by several of Amazon’s internal teams. So what problem does it aim to solve? And is it worth a look? GeekWire wrote about the offering earlier today, but after listening to the… Read More


Amazon launches ‘DynamoDB’ cloud database service

Amazon Web Services has been dropping hints about a big announcement planned for this morning, and this is it. The company just launched a new cloud database service called DynamoDB, going public with technology that it has been using internally for Amazon Cloud Drive, IMDb, Kindle, and the Amazon.com advertising platform. Amazon, which competes against cloud services… Read More


Amazon starts offering free Windows Server in the cloud

Amazon Web Services plans to start letting businesses run Windows Server applications for free for up to 750 hours of usage per month, putting the Microsoft operating alongside Linux in the Free Usage Tier designed to help new AWS customers get started with cloud computing. The offer, through the company’s Elastic Compute Cloud infrastructure, was announced this… Read More


Amazon Web Services: Almost a billion-dollar business?

Amazon Web Services is poised top $1 billion in cloud services revenue in 2012, according to a new report from research firm IDC that underscores the rise of cloud computing across the tech industry, and the increasing significance of AWS to the Seattle-based online retailer. Google’s cloud-based enterprise technology business should reach that milestone 18… Read More


Supercomputer in the cloud: Amazon lands on Top500 list

Here’s a surprising name on the new list of the world’s fastest supercomputers: Amazon Web Services. Looking to promote its latest offering in High Performance Computing — dubbed the Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large, or CC2 for short – the Seattle company’s cloud computing team has submitted its benchmark speed results to the keepers of the… Read More


Madrona, Amazon and others pump $10 million into online ad analyzer Yieldex

Madrona Venture Group and Amazon.com are among the backers in a $10 million round for Yieldex, a New York-based company that helps online publishers increase revenue by providing inventory analysis, forecasting and pricing. New investors in the round include Triangle Peak Partners and Hearst Interactive Media, the digital arm of the New York publishing giant. Total… Read More


Amazon Silk: New web browser taps cloud for flexibility

It’s not just Kindles and tablets in the news from Amazon this morning. The Seattle company is also announcing a new web browser, dubbed Amazon Silk, that makes use of its Amazon Web Services cloud computing infrastructure in a bid for a more efficient browsing experience under the hood. Here’s an excerpt from an Amazon… Read More

Mai-lan Tomsen Bukovec, Amazon Web Services director. (Annie Laurie Malarkey photo)

Geek of the Week: Amazon’s Mai-lan Tomsen Bukovec

Some people tell great stories about camping out for the latest gadgets, but when your life experience includes time in the Peace Corps in West Africa, your strongest memories of waiting in line are very different. That’s just one of the characteristics that distinguishes our latest Geek of the Week. Mai-lan Tomsen Bukovec grew up… Read More


Whoa, Amazon is now valued at more than $101 billion

Remember those folks who once declared that Amazon was “toast?” Well, where are they now? Amazon.com’s stock has surged above $223 per share this week, giving the iconic Seattle online retailer a whopping market value of $101 billion. The company’s rise over the past decade has been nothing short of remarkable. Many analysts thought Amazon… Read More


Amazon Web Services bracing for Hurricane Irene in Virginia

Seems like Amazon.com’s data center in Northern Virginia just can’t catch a break lately. And now here comes Hurricane Irene. Officials at the Amazon Web Services facility — a key piece of infrastructure for many high-profile websites, say in an online message to their customers that they’re “closely monitoring Hurricane Irene and making all possible preparations, e.g…. Read More