Amazon’s first kids TV show gets mixed reviews from our expert panel (at my house)

With a well-received first season of political comedy “Alpha House” under its belt, Amazon will move further into original programming with the debut this week of “Tumble Leaf,” the first in a trio of children’s TV series from the e-commerce giant. The original content from Amazon Studios is key to Amazon’s attempt to compete with the likes of Netflix and… Read More


Amazon rolls out original TV shows aimed at preschool kids

Amazon Studios has long been releasing original TV content for adults, but now the kids will have something to watch, too. Amazon today announced its scheduled rollout for three new original TV shows directed at preschool children. Two animated shows, Tumble Leaf and Creative Galaxy, will arrive on Amazon Instant Video on May 23 and June 27, respectively. Annedroids, a live-action adventure… Read More

Storyteller 1

Amazon launches free movie storyboard tool, with a catch

Amazon this morning launched a free online storyboarding tool through its Amazon Studios movie and television production group — aiming to give writers and filmmakers a new and easy way to visualize their scripts and share them with others for feedback. The tool, called “Storyteller,” is making its debut as a beta. It scans a… Read More


Amazon is making a movie, starting with a comic book

Amazon tends to do things in non-traditional ways, and that fact is on full display with the debut this morning of the first installment of Blackburn Burrow, a digital comic book from the company’s Amazon Studios original content group. The free comic book, produced by 12 Gauge Comics, is actually a test for a feature film… Read More


Amazon hiring execs to make comedy and kids shows

Newly surfaced Amazon.com job postings provide some interesting clues about the company’s push into original programming. An Amazon unit called the People’s Production Company, an extension of its crowd-sourced Amazon Studios initiative, is seeking creative executives to develop half-hour comedy and kids shows “for online and traditional distribution.” As noted by AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski, that… Read More