Amazon is paying big bucks for those HBO exclusives

Reaction to Amazon’s content deal with HBO this morning was decisive: Neftlix just lost. Amazon gains three things from the deal: It sets itself apart from the streaming-video leader; gives customers a reason to continue paying $99 for its Prime program; and maybe provides additional incentive to buy its devices. Up until now, Netflix has enjoyed having a much… Read More

Amazon Prime's value perception has moved only slightly lower, but Netflix's has risen significantly.

99 reasons but price is not one: Consumers still value Netflix over Amazon Prime

There’s several reasons why consumers still prefer Netflix over Amazon, but the new $99 price tag of Amazon Prime isn’t one. That’s potentially good news for Amazon, which was seeing consumers protest following the announcement that Amazon would be raising the price of its shipping and streaming video service to $99. According to survey conducted… Read More


Backlash from Amazon Prime price hike may be worse than Amazon thought, report finds

Maybe Amazon didn’t just pull off the perfect price increase, after all? “Based on immediate Prime member reactions, they may have underestimated the negative effects of the increase,” said Robert Passikoff, founder and president of Brand Keys, a customer loyalty research consultancy. Four days after the Amazon told its Prime customers that it will be… Read More


Chart: Here’s why Amazon needs to jack up the price of Prime

Amazon’s net shipping costs — the difference between how much it charges customers for shipping and how much it actually spends to get their purchases in their hands — hit a new high in the fourth quarter, topping $1.2 billion. Those are the underlying economics driving the company’s announcement yesterday that it’s considering raising the… Read More


Google aims at Amazon with Google Shopping Express

When you want something quickly, Amazon is one of the best options for a fast delivery. But one other online giant is bringing its power to bear to try and compete. Google wants to unseat the Seattle-based online retailer with Google Shopping Express (GSX), a rapid delivery service that offers users same-day delivery on a… Read More