Amazon enables returns through delivery lockers

Amazon is now letting customers return purchased items through its Amazon Lockers — a new feature of the large delivery lockers that have been installed in locations around North America and Europe. The feature, offered as an option for returns through Amazon’s site, was noted by the Wall Street Journal overnight. The process is essentially… Read More

A regular-sized Amazon locker

RadioShack, Staples pull plug on Amazon Lockers

Well, that didn’t last long. Staples and RadioShack are pulling the plug on their 11-month-old experiment around Amazon Lockers, the program that allows customers to order goods online at Amazon and then pick them up at locker units at the brick-and-mortar stores. Bloomberg BusinessWeek has the scoop on the end of the partnerships, with a spokesperson… Read More


This just in: RadioShack is getting Amazon Lockers, too

A report by Reuters yesterday broke the news that Staples is installing Amazon Lockers in its stores, letting customers ship packages to Staples locations for pickup. But it’s not the only retailer jumping on board: RadioShack has already started installing Amazon Lockers at some of its stores, GeekWire has figured out. A search for Amazon… Read More


Amazon to test package pickup at corner shops in the U.K.

We’ve been closely watching the roll out of’s new locker systems in the U.S., quietly appearing at 7-Eleven retail shops and college campuses in select cities. Now, here’s another sign that the Seattle online retailer is looking to get a bit closer to its customers. The Telegraph reports that is testing a new… Read More

Photo Courtesy Dave Zatz

Amazon Lockers make a quiet debut in Silicon Valley

We’ve been closely watching — even trying out —’s new Locker service since it quietly arrived in the Seattle area last year. Now, the online retailer appears comfortable enough with the early-stage pilots to take it into the heart of Silicon Valley. TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha reports that the service, which allows customers to order… Read More


Top posts: A sexually-charged video promoting Windows Azure leads the charts

Who knew that a video of a cheesy dance routine from a developer’s conference in Norway promoting Microsoft’s Windows Azure would grab so much attention. But that video, which we described as “raunchy” and GeekWire readers called “inappropriate”  and “weird,” led the charts for the month of June. The post set off an active discussion, touching on everything from… Read More


Amazon Lockers are pretty much empty at this 7-Eleven started rolling out lockers at 7-Eleven stores in the Seattle area last fall, an innovative way for shoppers to get packages delivered to the convenience store rather than a residence or office building. Well, at least at one Seattle area 7-Eleven store, the lockers are pretty much gathering dust. Matt Hickey of The Daily… Read More


Amazon on the hunt for more locker locations in Seattle is searching for more sites for its new Amazon Lockers in Seattle, expanding beyond its initial testing of the new delivery system. Agents with the Jones Lang LaSalle real estate firm this afternoon issued a message to real estate brokers on behalf of Amazon, saying that the company is looking for potential sites to… Read More