Bezos on eBooks: Amazon is ‘now seeing the transition we’ve been expecting’ posted a 45 percent decline in quarterly profits this afternoon, but Jeff Bezos says one of the company’s biggest benefits is paying off, as digital books and the company’s Kindle business show significantly greater momentum than traditional books. “We’re now seeing the transition we’ve been expecting,” said Bezos in the company’s earnings news release…. Read More


Touting a ‘post-editorial world,’ Wikia raises cash from Amazon and others

Wikia, which operates a platform that powers more than 200,000 community-powered Web sites, has raised more than $10 million from, Bessemer Ventures Partners and Institutional Venture Partners. Formed by Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley in 2006, Wikia is profitable and growing, with more than 70 million unique visitors and 1 billion page views per month. It counts… Read More


Explosion destroys home of Vice President

The Laurelhurst home of Vice President of Product Management Adam Selipsky exploded in flames today, sending one of the construction workers who was working on the home to Harborview Medical Center. The explosion occurred at 4 p.m., and some neighbors described the blast as feeling like an earthquake. Selipsky has worked at Amazon for… Read More


Amazon buying Seattle HQ from Paul Allen for $1.16B

This just in: is purchasing its existing Seattle headquarters campus in South Lake Union from Paul Allen’s Vulcan Inc. for more than $1.1 billion, according to a regulatory filing just made public. From the filing … The Company entered into purchase and sale agreements to acquire 11 buildings comprising 1.8 million square feet of… Read More


Jeff Bezos in a tux? Amazon tries to find its fit in fashion

Here’s something we’ve never seen before. From khakis and door desks to a tuxedo on the red carpet, the transformation of Jeff Bezos from geek to fashionista is complete, apparently. In a week when Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was criticized for wearing a hoodie on Wall Street, the Amazon founder was on the other end of… Read More


Amazon’s new CloudDrive app still leans heavily on web

One of the nice things about storage services Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive is the ability to upload, browse and access files stored in the cloud from the Mac OS X Finder or Windows Explorer, as if they were files on your hard drive. Attempting to keep up, Amazon today expanded the capabilities of… Read More


Architects describe Amazon’s proposed Seattle campus as an ‘urban room’ with ‘sun pockets’’s ambitious plans to erect three massive 37-story office towers in the Denny Triangle area of downtown Seattle isn’t about building a corporate campus, it’s about building a neighborhood. At least that’s the view of NBBJ’s John Savo, the architect for In front of standing room only crowd Tuesday night at City Hall, Savo addressed… Read More


Harry Potter arrives on Kindle has struck a deal with author J.K. Rowling to distribute all seven of the best-selling Harry Potter titles on the Kindle and via Kindle mobile applications. Interestingly, in order for customers to purchase a Harry Potter book they must first establish an account on Rowling’s ebook store, known as Pottermore Shop. All transactions then… Read More

A Kiva robot in action

Amazon paying $775M for Kiva warehouse robotics company just announced an agreement to pay $775 million in cash to acquire Kiva Systems Inc., a maker of automation technology for fulfillment centers. Kiva makes robotic vehicles that zip around warehouses to deliver packages and other materials to workers, controlled by smart software designed to make distribution centers run more efficiently. Customers of Kiva include… Read More


New evidence of Amazon’s ambitions to make original TV

From Hulu to Netflix, it seems that every online video service is getting into original television these days, and new signs emerged overnight that is no different. Fortune reports that it spotted a LinkedIn profile for an Amazon executive named Joe Lewis, a veteran of 20th Century Fox and Comedy Central who listed his… Read More


Actress’s suit vs. Amazon’s IMDb may have bigger impact on privacy

A lawsuit against’s Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for disclosing an actress’s age could have a larger impact on the way online companies gather and use personal information. That’s the upshot of a New York Times article this morning, which digs into the case of the 40-year-old actress who sued’s Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for revealing her… Read More


Amazon filing shows $558M loss for LivingSocial in 2011

How much does it cost to bulk up and compete with the likes of Groupon in the daily deals market?’s annual Form 10-K filing, made public this morning, reveals detailed financial information about LivingSocial, the privately-held Washington, D.C.-based company in which Amazon is an investor. A footnote in Amazon’s filing gives this condensed statement of… Read More


Amazon: Burning the book business or making it better?

Bloomberg Businessweek’s cover story this week drills into Amazon’s effort to upend the book industry by moving into the publishing business. The piece by Brad Stone tells the story of Larry Kirshbaum, the former Time Warner Book Group chief who is now heading up the New York-based publishing efforts for the online retailer. It’s a good… Read More


From e-book to bookstore: Amazon and Houghton Mifflin strike new distribution deal is increasingly expanding into the business of book publishing, and it has some formidable distribution mechanisms in the form of its own e-commerce site and Kindle devices. But what about people who prefer to pick up the ink-and-pulp versions in the local bookstore? Amazon Publishing’s East Coast Group this week announced a new licensing agreement with… Read More


Amazon: Indie authors raking it in with Kindle exclusives doesn’t traditionally disclose a lot of numbers when it comes to the Kindle, but the company is getting specific today to make the case that independent authors who commit to publish their digital titles exclusively on its e-book platform are seeing a windfall as a result. Authors who participated in the Kindle Direct Publishing… Read More