Hadi Partovi

We need more geeks: Hadi and Ali Partovi form Code.org to solve the computer science education crisis

Ali and Hadi Partovi have used their entrepreneurial talents to change the music, advertising and communications industries. Now, the twin brothers are turning their sights to a much bigger problem: computer science education. In the words of Hadi Partovi, the dearth of computer scientists emerging from U.S. high schools and colleges is a “big hairy challenge”… Read More

Rich Barton

Vinod Khosla, Rich Barton lead Vittana’s new ‘League of Extraordinary Tech Superheroes’

Venture capital Vinod Khosla and Zillow co-founder Rich Barton have joined forces to bankroll Vittana, the Seattle non-profit that’s attempting to wipe out youth poverty through education-oriented microloans. The contributions of Khosla and Barton mark the largest in Vittana’s history, and set the organization on a path to become self sustainable. The exact amount of… Read More

Freddie Mercury. Wikipedia photo

One-time popular music service iLike officially bites the dust

“And another one gone, and another one gone. Another one bites the dust.” Freddie Mercury of Queen may have summarized the current market perfectly. As we’ve previously reported, a number of high-profile Internet services have announced in recent weeks that they will be closing their doors following acquisitions by corporate parents. (Namely Picnik, TeachStreet and Summify). Now, we can add another… Read More