B-52 2.0: Boeing’s bombers can now change missions, redirect weapons in flight

In the past, B-52 bombers would simply receive mission information before a flight and then head up into the air. But now, thanks to an upgrade from Boeing, these high-powered bombers will be able to receive information in-flight from aircrews via satellite links and change mission plans or redirect weapons. Boeing Defense, Space & Security, a unit… Read More


Microsoft Kinect helping soldiers with physical therapy

There are lots of applications for Microsoft’s Kinect. Some let you dance your pants off, while others can improve your fitness. But here’s one that might have a little more importance: Microsoft is working with the Air Force to help soldiers regain their strength after fighting for the country. The Redmond software giant is combining… Read More


Bad-ass Boeing missile flies over buildings, fries computers with microwaves

This is stuff you only see in the movies. “Today, we made science fiction science fact,” says Keith Coleman, CHAMP Program Manager for Boeing Phantom Works, in the video above. And he’s right. In what could potentially change modern day warfare, Boeing and the U.S. Air Force successfully tested the Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile… Read More