What Bezos buying The Post teaches us about business threats

Jeff Bezos set off quite a bit of handwringing and soul-searching when he purchased The Washington Post earlier this month for $250 million, from the digital disruption and destruction of the media industry, to debate over exactly where the Amazon.com founder lives (in case “the other Washington” wasn’t clear enough), to the inevitable online shopping jokes. Clearly, owners of… Read More


5 startup tips for taking informed risks

Entrepreneurs by definition are risk-takers. They break new ground and are unfailingly willing to step off the well-trodden path of conventional practice. For entrepreneurs, “risk” takes many forms: career (choosing a start-up over corporate stability); reputational (attaching name and reputation to an initiative that has real potential for failure); commercial (entering markets that may be… Read More

Scales of Justice. Photo via Eric the Fish

7 questions to ask your startup lawyer

Not all lawyers are created equal — and for an early-stage startup, the counsel you choose can seriously impact the course of your business. From getting slammed with surprise fees to getting passed along to attorneys who don’t understand what makes an early-stage startup different from, say, an established corporation with hundreds of employees, the… Read More


How youth sports made me a better startup founder

A few recent conversations have turned towards youth sports participation and the valuable life lessons they provide.  One in particular stood out to me – youth sports participation is one of the best training grounds for a startup founder. How would I know?  I was a competitive athlete pretty much since the time I could… Read More


HealthCheck: Software monitoring inside out

When we release software to customers, we immediately begin to consider how to monitor it. The goal is to find problems as early as possible, and always before our customers. We start with the basics: disk, memory, CPU load. Still, because of the complexity of the products we develop, there are countless examples of things… Read More

Rand Fishkin. (Erynn Rose photo)

Rand Fishkin’s 6 ingredients for great marketing

Rand Fishkin wrapped up Mozcon 2013 in style by outlining his principles for great marketing and leading a discussion on the problems with Internet marketing today. Here are the six ingredients that he laid out in his talk. Fishkin said that the common and cheap tactics which most Internet marketers employ are holding the field of… Read More


5 bootstrap dos and dont’s to cement and grow your business

You may be familiar with bootstrapping, an economic circumstance in which intrepid entrepreneurs launch and operate a business with little more than their ingenuity and chutzpah. Usually, bootstrap capital is sourced from savings accounts, credit card lines and, when possible, a supportive network of friends and family. Such capital is scarcely sufficient to launch the… Read More

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A dozen things I’ve learned about venture capital (in 999 words)

Editor’s note: This post is part of a series by Tren Griffin, a senior director at Microsoft who previously worked at Craig McCaw’s Eagle River. Other posts include “A dozen things I’ve learned about business” and “A dozen things I’ve learned about investing.” 1.  “The problem is that extraordinary performance comes only from correct non-consensus… Read More


Book excerpt: Start on Purpose: Everything you need to know and do to startup with strength

Editor’s note: Despite high IQs, 80 hour work weeks, and technical achievements, the majority of startup entrepreneurs will fail to live out their entrepreneurial dreams.  Several years ago, author, business consultant and entrepreneurial coach Susan Schreter set out to uncover the pivotal mistakes and regrets of struggling entrepreneurs and bankrupt business owners, especially during the critical… Read More


Startup advice from Haiku Deck CEO: It’s not about the product — it’s how you make people feel

Adam Tratt’s first slide at yesterday’s Seattle Tech Meetup was simple: A picture of himself with the words “Don’t Be Like Me.” No, he wasn’t talking about the Adam Tratt of today, who is running an up-and-coming iPad presentation helper that won GeekWire’s App of the Year. Rather, he was referring to the Adam Tratt who started a… Read More


Q&A: Rich Barton and Nick Hanauer on why Seattle is a great ‘startup cake’ (and NYC has a ‘sell out’ culture)

We had a blast catching up with Seattle technology entrepreneurs and investors Rich Barton and Nick Hanauer on last weekend’s GeekWire podcast and radio show. Barton, the former CEO of Expedia and co-founder of Zillow, and Hanauer, an early investor in Amazon.com and aQuantive, like to think big as they look at ways to be… Read More


Commentary: Tough love and less purity for impact entrepreneurs

One reason I love getting to know social impact entrepreneurs is that they are among the most sincerely passionate folks you’ll ever meet.  They’re not just enthusiastic and driven. Social impact entrepreneurs care deeply and passionately, about their projects in a very personal way.  And their missions are often so profound and inspiring that I… Read More

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Tips: How to ask strangers for large sums of money

Seattle is a hotbed of business happy hours — those awkward events designed for introducing people whose only known shared interest is that they’d rather be home watching Downton Abbey. It’s hard to find meaningful connection in a room teeming with stunted introductions and feigned interest. But one noted exception are the events hosted by Zealyst,… Read More


Commentary: Keep it simple, startup

I was recently asked to judge a Shark Tank style competition hosted by the entrepreneur club at the College of Holy Cross (my alma mater), probably one similar to the elevator pitch events hosted by GeekWire and other organizations in our startup community. Budding young entrepreneurs – two individuals and three teams – pitched their… Read More


Stop being a founder, and start being a CEO

A lot of founders don’t make it as a CEO. Not that they can’t, but they don’t. None more glorious that Andrew Mason and his middle finger salute to the capital markets. “Just kidding – I was fired today.” ~ Andrew Mason (Former CEO of Groupon) So why don’t they make it? Well, it’s complicated…. Read More


3 questions every job seeker should ask about culture

We come across a cornucopia of articles, white papers and blog posts on workplace culture, with inspiring examples from companies like Zappos, Facebook and Google as well as innovative ideas from fast growing start-ups. Some articles focus on the artifacts of culture like free food, foosball, pets at work, bring your mom (or dad) to… Read More