This startup will tell you which brand had the best Super Bowl ad

When we watch television, commercials provide a time to take a bathroom break or grab a quick bite to eat. That just isn’t the case on Super Bowl Sunday, when companies spend millions of dollars on funny, outrageous and weird advertisements that typically dominate the water cooler discussions the following Monday. But which commercials actually… Read More


Microsoft: You will fail your college classes using an iPad

It’s late August, and that means back to school at thousands of college campuses around the world. Aimed at university students who might be considering a tablet purchase, Microsoft just came out with a new advertisement that carries a simple message: iPads suck in class. In another swing at Apple, the 30-second spot touts the… Read More


Microsoft posts weird Windows 8 commercials, then promptly takes them down

Update: Microsoft’s crazy, brilliant Windows 8 ads are now live It appears Microsoft either made a mistake by posting new Windows commercials or was just flat-out embarrassed by the initial response. On Wednesday afternoon, both Neowin and WPCentral noticed that Microsoft uploaded three new spots to the official Windows YouTube channel. The ads, titled “Windows 8 Training… Read More


Microsoft Surface destroys iPad in hilarious fake ad

You’ve probably come across Apple’s clever new iPad mini advertisement featuring the two-hand duet from “Heart and Soul.” I thought it was clever and creative — typical of Apple ads. But a spoof of the ad featuring Microsoft’s Surface posted yesterday on YouTube had me cracking up. Produced by Seattle-based Cinesaurus, the video starts just… Read More