Acer says it’s going to make more Chromebooks, dialing back on Windows

Taiwanese computer manufacturer Acer reported a surprising second quarter loss caused by slowing revenue and increased costs, with quarterly revenue down more than 19 percent year over year. It seems that the worldwide shift away from PCs may be hurting Acer’s core business. According to Jim Wang, Acer’s President, the company’s plan to boost revenue… Read More


The other Microsoft Surface mystery: Keyboard included?

In many ways it’s the signature feature of Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablet computer — the magnetically attached cover that doubles as a keyboard. Microsoft says the keyboard/cover will come in two different varieties: one with a touch-sensitive surface, dubbed Touch Cover; and another with slightly raised keys for better typing, dubbed Type Cover. However, the company… Read More


How the iPad made Apple the top ‘PC’ vendor, and what it means for Windows

What is a “personal computer” in 2012? Do tablets count? Most of the major technology research firms say no. As reflected in the chart above, they count PCs and tablets separately when reporting their data. “Media tablets” such as the iPad and Kindle Fire are separate from traditional desktop and notebook computers. But increasingly it’s becoming… Read More

Sao Paulo, Brazil is home to the World's Largest LEGO Tower.

Nerd Notes: The Winklevoss twins go away, video games go for the Grammy and Brazil plays with LEGOs

Judge tells Winklevoss twins to take the money, settlements don’t come in pairs. Google launches a daily trivia game, a Google a day.  We’re going to ask Jeeves the answer. Acer goes Android-green and Apple-round with the new logo. Adzookie will pay your mortgage in exchange for the small price of your soul. Einstein has… Read More