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9Mile Labs: Here are the 9 startups emerging from Seattle’s B2B incubator

9Mile Labs graduated nine new startup companies on Friday, showcasing a wide-range of new technologies from the Seattle business-to-business incubator. The nine companies completed a 4-month program, exchanging up to eight percent in equity for $35,000 in cash and intense mentorship sessions with more than 100 entrepreneurs and industry experts. It marked the second cohort… Read More

The first class from 9Mile Labs.

B2B accelerator 9Mile Labs inks key alliance with PARC

Over the past four decades, Xerox PARC has helped spark some amazing innovations, from the ethernet to laser printing to the graphical user interface. Now, PARC, originally founded in 1970 as the Palo Alto Research Center and reincorporated as a subsidiary of Xerox in 2002, is turning to Seattle to find some breakthrough innovations that… Read More


Meet the 9 startups joining the new 9Mile Labs accelerator

9Mile Labs, the new accelerator that focuses on hatching new B2B startups, today announced its first cohort of startups that will begin the program on April 8th. Like other accelerators, 9Mile Labs invests $20,000, taking a four to eight percent stake in the companies. More than 100 companies applied for the inaugural class, including some… Read More


Startup incubator Upstart Labs adds new partners, looks to fill series A funding crunch

It sometimes feels like there’s a bit of incubator mania going on. In the past two weeks alone, we’ve written about two relatively new startup incubators in the Seattle area. Fledge specializes in getting socially-conscious companies off the ground, while 9Mile Labs is looking to make its mark by focusing on enterprise software startups. Now, here comes another… Read More


New accelerator 9Mile looks to help jumpstart B2B startups

There’s no shortage of incubators and accelerators sprouting up around the Seattle area, and yet the creators of 9Mile Labs feel as if there’s still plenty of room to operate. Their hook? The firm is focusing on enterprise software companies, rather than the sexier consumer mobile apps and Internet startups that emerge from other accelerators. That… Read More


$100 a year for Office: Microsoft unveils subscription rates

Microsoft has been gradually releasing information regarding Windows 8, and all of the applications therein, since the start of 2012. One of the details we’ve been missing is the  pricing for Office 365, the suite that houses popular applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (among others). Today, the Redmond-based company officially unveiled the new pricing scheme for… Read More


Meet the lucky two percent: A peek at the startups that just entered TechStars Seattle

TechStars Seattle just accepted their second batch of entrepreneurs — 10 new hatchlings who are furiously writing code (probably right now as we speak) in all-out effort to create the next big thing. Historically, the high-tech incubator has kept the names of the companies secret until Demo Day when entrepreneurial teams emerge from their dark… Read More