Nintendo’s new 2DS gaming handheld will sell for $130

Nintendo is trying a new approach in the market for handheld gaming. No, it’s not launching Mario and Zelda games for smartphones or tablets. The company plans to release a new handheld gaming device, the Nintendo 2DS, which it describes as an entry-level gaming system, selling for $129.99 and launching on Oct. 12. The new 2DS… Read More


Nintendo sued over 3D patent in 3DS handheld console

Not only is Nintendo dealing with less-than-stellar Wii U sales, but now the company is being sued over 3D technology used in its 3DS handheld console. Reuters is reporting that inventor and former Sony employee Seijiro Tomita is suing Nintendo over 3-D images he claimed to develop. Tomita says that Nintendo used his patent without… Read More