Salesforce's Scott Dorsey, MillerCoors Andy England, Facebook's Carolyn Everson and Ford's James Farley speak at a CES keynote titled "Brand Matters" on Wednesday in Las Vegas.

Facebook exec: Mobile is ‘the best thing that ever happened to our business’

LAS VEGAS — Facebook’s mobile initiatives have recently been helping to fuel the company’s business, but it wasn’t always that way, as demonstrated by the widespread concerns about Facebook’s mobile strategy in the social network’s early days as a public company. As it turns out, “mobile is the best thing that happened to our business,” said Carolyn… Read More


T-Mobile COO says AT&T’s ‘Next’ upgrade program was a ‘rip-off’

T-Mobile COO Jim Alling doesn’t think so highly of strategies implemented by his company’s rival earlier this year. Alling, speaking at an investor conference today, took a few swings at AT&T and specifically the carrier’s upgrade program, “Next.” AT&T unveiled the device upgrade and payment plan this summer, which came after T-Mobile’s announced its own previous pricing… Read More

Blue Nile Display at Nordstrom

Nordstrom and Blue Nile put a ring on it with ‘clicks and bricks’ diamond experiment

Blue Nile built its business selling diamond rings online, but the Seattle-based e-commerce company is now experimenting with a physical retail presence — albeit a small one — through a partnership with Nordstrom. A new Blue Nile display in the second-floor bridal department at Nordstrom’s downtown Seattle flagship store is the online diamond seller’s first-ever collaboration with… Read More


Best practices for push notifications: Focus on quality, not quantity

Portland-based Urban Airship, a leading provider of mobile push notifications, released its latest Good Push Index report today, which examines the impact of push notification use on the company’s customers. The key takeaway from the company’s data is that, for mobile app developers, push notifications provide tremendous value when it comes to retaining users. That… Read More


Twitter inks partnership with Deutsche Telekom

Twitter has partnered with German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom to “create a unique experience” for Telekom’s mobile subscriber base. At first, that means customers with Android phones will have a new Twitter widget pre-loaded onto their device’s home screen, though it also brings new advertising opportunities for Deutsche Telekom. “With the cooperation with Twitter we… Read More