Brad Smith

Microsoft’s top lawyer: U.S. surveillance policies making it harder to do business overseas

SAN FRANCISCO – The United States’ approach to Internet privacy and surveillance needs to change, and U.S. government officials were wrong if they believed the furor over Edward Snowden’s leaks would simply blow over, Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith told an audience here this morning. “It is not blowing over,” Smith said at the GigaOM Structure… Read More

Scott Guthrie

Microsoft Azure head sees a future in offering a wide range of cloud services

SAN FRANCISCO–Microsoft Azure is in a tough, highly competitive market. Locked in an ongoing pricing war with Google and Amazon Web Services, all three of the major players have recently announced price cuts. When asked if the discounting will keep going in perpetuity, Scott Guthrie, the Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group,… Read More

Rahul Sood

Microsoft launches new startup accelerator in Redmond, focusing on home automation and the ‘Internet of Things’

Microsoft announced today that it is launching a new startup accelerator in Redmond focused on home automation and the Internet of Things, in partnership with American Family Insurance. It’s designed to promote startups that are searching for new ways to improve how people use their homes. The accelerator, which was unveiled as a part of… Read More


Predicting the future: Microsoft adds machine learning to Azure cloud platform

Microsoft announced today that it’s launching Azure Machine Learning, aiming to bring predictive analytics to the masses. Companies will be able to feed data into Microsoft Azure, and then derive insights from that data that they can apply in the future. For example, companies can create their own fraud detection solutions, or use machine learning to predict equipment… Read More


Steve Ballmer’s three pieces of advice for college grads

If you missed the energy Steve Ballmer brought to Microsoft events, well, you should have watched the University of Washington commencement on Saturday afternoon. The former Microsoft CEO gave a keynote speech at the 139th UW graduation celebration in front of more than 45,000 people and started his talk in classic Ballmer style. “I have to… Read More


Microsoft debating Cortana’s possible future on Android and iPhone

Microsoft is grappling internally with the question of whether to expand its Cortana virtual assistant to Android and iPhone — weighing the needs of multi-platform users against the competitive differentiation that the technology could give to Windows devices. “It’s a bit of a head-scratcher for us right now,” acknowledged Marcus Ash, a group program manager for Windows Phone, when he was… Read More


Can a search engine predict the World Cup? Microsoft Bing is giving it a try

Microsoft’s Bing search engine, after using data to successfully forecast the results of American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and The Voice, will now test its predictive abilities on a contest with an even more passionate fan base: The World Cup. Yes, the company is expanding its “Bing Predicts” initiative to the beautiful game, and hoping for a similar result. Microsoft launched the… Read More


PlayStation 4 owners to get sneak peek of Bungie’s Destiny starting this week

Sony will give PlayStation 4 owners a sneak preview of Destiny, the highly anticipated video game from Bungie, the Seattle-area development studio that was the original developer of the blockbuster Halo franchise for Xbox. A limited alpha of Destiny will be available on PS4 starting this Thursday through the weekend, Sony announced this evening as part of its… Read More


Halo 1-4 coming to the Xbox One for $60; Microsoft to unlock Halo 5 beta in December

Halo fans — particularly those who prefer older versions of the classic game — might like what Microsoft announced this morning. The company will release a remastered compilation of its classic Halo games in a unified experience for its Xbox One later this year. The company announced the new “Master Chief Collection” this morning at the E3 video-game conference… Read More


WSJ: Titanfall sequel won’t be exclusive to Xbox One

While Titanfall has surely helped Microsoft sell more Xbox One consoles, it looks like the exclusive deal with Respawn Entertainment may be coming to an end. The Wall Street Journal reports this morning, just as Microsoft kicks off its E3 video game show press conference, that the next installment of Titanfall will be available on… Read More


Microsoft starts selling $399 Xbox One without Kinect sensor

Just as Microsoft is set to make announcements at the big E3 video game conference, the company today has begun selling a cheaper version of its Xbox One console. Previously announced in May, Microsoft is now offering a $399 Xbox One — $100 cheaper than normal — that comes without the Kinect sensor, its trademark accessory that… Read More

Ballmer’s signature on the Windows 7 Signature Edition box, above, and the purported contract, below.

Ballmer’s signature was forged on ‘phony’ document in latest lawsuit, his lawyer says

A lawyer for Steve Ballmer says the former Microsoft CEO’s signature was forged on a key document in a lawsuit against Ballmer over an alleged $5 million financial consulting agreement related to his early efforts to acquire an NBA team. The document, dated Dec. 9, 2009, purports to create an “Agency Agreement” between Ballmer and his longtime friend, former Seattle… Read More


Steve Ballmer sued by investment advisor over busted $5M basketball consulting agreement

[Follow-up: Ballmer's lawyer says the former Microsoft CEO's signature was forged on the agency agreement at the center of this case, and that Ballmer wasn't aware of or involved in any agreement cited in the lawsuit.] A new lawsuit claims that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer owes more than $5 million to an investment advisor who was hired to… Read More


Microsoft and China continue duel over Windows 8

The fight over Windows 8 between the Chinese government and Microsoft has heated up this week. A news show on Chinese state-run television ran a segment earlier this week claiming that Microsoft is able to collect sensitive data about Windows 8 users, and then can share that information with the NSA or another U.S. government… Read More

Barnes & Noble CEO Michael Huseby

Interview: Barnes & Noble CEO ‘not worried about Amazon’ as Nook ties fortunes to Samsung

Barnes & Noble laid out a new plan for its Nook e-reader business this morning, announcing plans to partner with Samsung on a Nook-branded Galaxy Tab 4 tablet. So what does this mean for the bookseller’s partnership with Microsoft, and its competition with Amazon? GeekWire spoke with Barnes & Noble CEO Mike Huseby via phone this morning, getting… Read More


Where’s Microsoft? Samsung, Barnes & Noble partnering on co-branded Nook tablet

The odd pairing between Microsoft and Barnes & Noble just took another strange twist. The bookseller’s Nook Media unit announced a new partnership with Samsung this morning to develop a co-branded Galaxy Tab 4 Nook tablet, featuring the Nook software and access to more than 3 million books, magazines and newspapers. Barnes & Noble, which has struggled to… Read More