Antoine Leblond

Microsoft exec Antoine Leblond leaving after nearly 25 years

Antoine Leblond, a Microsoft executive known for his leadership roles on the Office and Windows teams, is leaving the Redmond company after nearly 25 years. He’s the latest executive to leave Microsoft following last year’s “One Microsoft” reorganization and the more recent appointment of Satya Nadella as CEO. Earlier departures included Jon DeVaan, the longtime… Read More


Geek on the Street at Macworld: Here’s what Apple fans think about Office for iPad

SAN FRANCISCO–As Satya Nadella kicked off his presentation announcing the much-anticipated release of Microsoft Office for iPad, Apple fans were getting their day started at the annual Macworld/iWorld convention held a few blocks away in the City by the Bay. GeekWire stopped by the gathering of Mac- and iOS-heads yesterday afternoon to see how the… Read More


Microsoft says it won’t search customer emails in leak cases

Following uproar over its handling of a recent intellectual property leak, Microsoft announced today that it will stop searching through emails if a similar situation arises in the future. “Effective immediately, if we receive information indicating that someone is using our services to traffic in stolen intellectual or physical property from Microsoft, we will not inspect… Read More


Microsoft reveals photos of new Kinect for Windows

  Microsoft has revealed images and more details about its next-generation Kinect for Windows. The Redmond software giant posted photos of the Kinect for Windows v2 in a blog post Thursday as it prepares to launch the motion-tracking sensor sometime this year. The design mimics that of the Xbox One’s Kinect, with a few minor changes: There’s a “Kinect”… Read More


First impressions: Office for iPad is the real deal

SAN FRANCISCO – Even though it seems like everyone saw it coming, Microsoft rocked the tech world today by announcing Office for iPad, the first iteration of its productivity suite for Apple’s tablets. Based on GeekWire’s initial hands-on time at Microsoft’s event here today, these feel like the Office apps that iPad users have been… Read More

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Klout’s acquisition gives Microsoft a tiny bit more social media clout

Klout, a platform which measures your influence online — and has close ties to Microsoft — has been acquired by San Francisco-based Lithium Technologies. In 2012, Microsoft made an investment in Klout and began to integrate the startup’s social status information into Bing. Through the partnership, Klout scores appeared in Bing and Klout was able… Read More


Microsoft confirms Office for iPad — launching today

After years of speculation about its plans for Apple’s tablet, Microsoft will release Office for iPad — including Word, Excel and PowerPoint — at 11 a.m. today, the company just announced at a press briefing in San Francisco. Microsoft says the apps are designed feel native to the iPad but maintain file fidelity with other… Read More


Microsoft ‘Scroogled’ ad lambasting Google wasn’t misleading, regulator rules

A UK advertising regulator ruled that a Microsoft “Scroogled” radio ad attacking the way Google scans user email was not misleading, despite two complaints against the Redmond software giant. The ad, part of Microsoft’s ongoing “Scroogled” campaign that lambasts Google’s privacy policies, uses a Pig Latin voiceover to show how Microsoft offers better email security…. Read More


New forecast: PC market down 7% in 2014, tablets up 39%

Just in time for new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s expected introduction of an Office suite for iPad today, new numbers from Gartner show how business and consumer buying trends are continuing to upend Microsoft’s traditional PC business. Worldwide shipments of traditional desktop and notebook PCs will decline by 6.6 percent, to 276.7 million units, the… Read More