Delta flight attendants upgrade from Lumia 820 to bigger Lumia 1520 ‘phablet’

Days with Nokia’s Lumia 820 are over for flight attendants working for Delta Air Lines. Instead, they’re getting a nice little upgrade and will be using the bigger Windows 8.1-powered Lumia 1520 “phablet” by the end of 2014. The 20,000 flight attendants will use the device to access the on-board manual, allowing Delta to ditch the 500-page,… Read More


Lights, Camera, Skype: Broadcast-quality video chat coming soon

Skype wants to make it easier for broadcasters to use its video chat software to interview people on air, so it’s announcing Skype TX: “studio-grade” software that’s designed to provide professional quality audio and video in a package that works with existing broadcast studio setups. The software will include a number of improvements over Skype’s… Read More

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Researcher’s 1991 video could torpedo Apple’s key ‘slide to unlock’ patent

A video from a researcher could spell curtains for one of the key patents in Apple’s ongoing litigation against Samsung. The 1991 video, entitled “Touchscreen Toggle Design,” features University of Maryland researcher Catherine Plaisant showing off a number of ways to model a touchscreen toggle that users can control. One of the toggles (shown at… Read More


Microsoft enables YouTube uploads for Xbox One clips, debuts GoPro app for Xbox 360

Microsoft already let Xbox One owners upload their favorite in-game highlights, but only to Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud service or Twitch. Starting Tuesday, though, the Redmond software giant will allow gamers to upload video clips straight to YouTube thanks to an update coming for the Xbox One YouTube app. Gamers will still use the Game DVR function to… Read More

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Xbox TV boss: Microsoft CEO Nadella on board with original content push

Microsoft’s Xbox division this morning provided new details about its plans for original TV shows on the game console, including a comedy sketch show involving Sarah Silverman; a stop motion show involving Seth Green and the creators of the Robot Chicken franchise; and a robot-themed drama called “Humans” to be developed and broadcast in partnership with… Read More


Attention, Windows XP holdouts: The end is here

Are you still running Windows XP? Are you ready for Tuesday? More than 12 years after Windows XP’s release, Microsoft will officially end support for the aging operating system on Tuesday, April 8 — three days from now. That means no more security updates. Yes, of course, Windows XP machines will continue to run. But… Read More


Microsoft open-sources ‘Roslyn’ .NET compiler platform

SAN FRANCISCO – Open source fans, rejoice: Microsoft has released its new “Roslyn” .NET compiler platform preview as an open source project. That means developers can clone the company’s compiler for C# projects and add their own features, as well as suggest new features for Microsoft to implement in the compiler itself. Microsoft Technical Fellow… Read More


Microsoft to debut new Kinect for Windows this summer

Just a few days after showing off photos of the new Kinect for Windows, Microsoft announced at its Build conference that the motion-tracking device will hit shelves sometime this summer. The Redmond software giant previously said that the Kinect for Windows v2 would be arriving in 2014, but hadn’t specified a time. Microsoft notes that… Read More


First Look: Meet Nokia’s new Windows Phone lineup

SAN FRANCISCO–As a part of Microsoft’s Build developers conference today, Nokia unveiled a whole new phone lineup that’s slated to take advantage of Microsoft’s newly-announced Windows Phone 8.1 mobile operating system. The company announced the Nokia Lumia 930, its new flagship phone, as well as the Lumia 630 and 635, its new budget Windows Phone… Read More


First impressions: Microsoft’s Cortana is a bit hard of hearing, but shows promise

SAN FRANCISCO – As a part of Microsoft’s first keynote at its Build developer conference in San Francisco today, the company announced Cortana, a new virtual assistant for Windows Phone. Named after an artificial intelligence from the Halo video-game universe, she’ll be rolled out as a part of the company’s Windows Phone 8.1 update later… Read More


Windows 8, Take 3: One giant leap for keyboard and mouse

Windows 8 in its original incarnation wasn’t just a learning curve for traditional PC users, with their old-fashioned mice and keyboards. It was a completely foreign experience, designed for tablets, and disorienting on the desktop. But now, on its third attempt, Microsoft is making its flagship product familiar again. An updated version of Windows 8.1,… Read More


Microsoft is bringing the Start Menu back to Windows

How’s this for a new era at Microsoft? Microsoft operating systems chief Terry Myerson announced this morning that the company will be bringing a version of the traditional Start menu back to Windows 8 in a future update to the Microsoft operating system. The company had previously brought back the Start button, but clicking on… Read More


A dirty cloud? Amazon and Twitter receive failing grades in ‘green Internet’ report

Facebook, Google and Apple are considered leading innovators when it comes to deploying renewable energy to power its data centers and cloud-based technologies, while Amazon and Twitter are “stuck in a dirty energy past.” That’s the latest finding from Greenpeace’s report: Clicking Clean: How Companies are Building the Green Internet. The report, released today, details how… Read More