Geek of the Week: Microsoft creative director Jeff Faulkner

Jeff Faulkner is a Microsoft creative director who guides branding and user experiences for Microsoft’s entertainment division, with roots in the Xbox team. Now a Seattle resident, he’s a veteran designer with roots at agencies in Portland, working on a variety of high-profile projects. He’s speaking tonight in Portland about the intersection of technology and… Read More


Geek of the Week: Peter Newland, board game creator

Lots of people make up rules for games as they go along. Some people turn it into a creative artform. Meet our latest Geek of the Week, Peter Newland, a resident of Lynnwood, Wash., and the creator of “Wizard Dodgeball” — a board game that features the all-stars of the “Interplanar Wizard Dodgeball League” throwing… Read More


Geek of the Week: Artefact’s Fernd van Engelen on design, inspiration and water bottles

 Our latest Geek of the Week is looking to change the world, one water bottle at a time. Product designer Fernd van Engelen, industrial design leader at the Seattle-based firm Artefact, is raising funds on Kickstarter for a project called 999Bottles, aiming to manufacture thousands of stainless steel bottles with dials for tracking the number… Read More


Geek of the Week: Hipcricket’s Ivan Braiker, broadcast vet in a mobile world

Our new Geek of the Week, Ivan Braiker, first made his mark in the world of broadcasting, building radio networks including Olympia Broadcasting and New Northwest Broadcasters, and co-founding the Satellite Music Network — the first radio network to distribute live, 24-hour programming via satellite. Billboard Magazine once named him its “Trendsetter of the Year.”… Read More


Geek of the Week: Apptio’s Bruce Henry, from nuclear physics to enterprise software

 Bruce Henry has worked for years in the technology industry, currently at Seattle’s Apptio, where he describes himself as a “process and organizational change ninja.” But he didn’t start out in the software industry. His degrees are in physics. It’s an unusual transition, but it was his ownership of a propeller beanie that truly sealed… Read More


Geek of the Week: Christian Hansson, Tango Card CTO

Christian Hansson’s official title is chief technology officer at Tango Card, but he prefers to go by Chief Geek. The Seattle company offers an alternative form of gift cards, allowing people to use them at a variety of stores, donate to non-profits, and redeem their balances for cash. But what truly sealed his status as… Read More


Geek of the Week: Vertafore’s Eric Danas, from petrophysics to user-experience design

Eric Danas has worked for more than 15 years in the field of user-experience design — currently working with Vertafore, a Bothell-based company that makes software for the insurance industry. How did he get his start? As an exploration petrophysicist in the oil industry, of all things. The experience interested him in the challenges of using technology… Read More


Geek of the Week: Toby Crittenden mixes politics and technology at Washington Bus

Toby Crittenden is a political geek — part of a generation that makes intuitive use of technology as a natural part of the democratic process. Our latest Geek of the Week is program director of Washington Bus, a non-profit organization that combines old-fashioned transportation with new technology, using everything from road trips to cutting-edge Facebook… Read More