PlayStation 4 owners to get sneak peek of Bungie’s Destiny starting this week

Sony will give PlayStation 4 owners a sneak preview of Destiny, the highly anticipated video game from Bungie, the Seattle-area development studio that was the original developer of the blockbuster Halo franchise for Xbox. A limited alpha of Destiny will be available on PS4 starting this Thursday through the weekend, Sony announced this evening as part of its… Read More


Alienware forges ahead with $549 game console, running Windows 8.1, after Valve’s Steam Machine delay

Alienware is forging ahead with plans for a Windows 8.1-based home gaming console, following delays to Valve Software’s Steam Machine console plans. The device, which is called the Alienware Alpha, was originally slated to launch as one of many Steam Machines – small consoles powered by Valve software, designed to bring PC gaming to the… Read More

EA features_smarterSims_Unique

Playing with your emotions: EA shows off new touchy-feely features for The Sims, FIFA

Amazing new graphics and head-splitting soundtracks are usually the focus at E3, the annual game conference in Los Angeles, where attendees consider earplugs a mandatory accessory. But today, Electronic Arts showed off a softer side of the business, by announcing two titles that will try to appeal to another one of our senses: Our emotions. The first title to get an… Read More


WSJ: Titanfall sequel won’t be exclusive to Xbox One

While Titanfall has surely helped Microsoft sell more Xbox One consoles, it looks like the exclusive deal with Respawn Entertainment may be coming to an end. The Wall Street Journal reports this morning, just as Microsoft kicks off its E3 video game show press conference, that the next installment of Titanfall will be available on… Read More


Microsoft starts selling $399 Xbox One without Kinect sensor

Just as Microsoft is set to make announcements at the big E3 video game conference, the company today has begun selling a cheaper version of its Xbox One console. Previously announced in May, Microsoft is now offering a $399 Xbox One — $100 cheaper than normal — that comes without the Kinect sensor, its trademark accessory that… Read More


Xbox enables Twitter TV integration for Xbox One, adds 45 more apps including Vine, Major League Gaming

Twitter and the Xbox One are joining forces. As its June Xbox update rolls out globally starting today — which gives users access to apps like HBO and Netflix, even to those without an Xbox Live Gold membership — Microsoft announced today a new Twitter app that will include integration with the Xbox One TV viewing experience. By… Read More


Photos: Valve is still working on a virtual reality headset

Valve still appears to be interested in developing its own virtual reality headset. At a VR meet-up in Boston this weekend, the Bellevue-based gaming company showed off the most recent prototype of its headset. A few attendees posted images online and included some thoughts on Reddit. The device looks somewhat similar to the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2. Reddit user jonomf noted… Read More


Losing Steam: Valve controller delayed until 2015 in setback for Steam Machines

Valve says the controller for the upcoming Steam Machine gaming consoles will be delayed until 2015. The news is a setback for the Bellevue-based company and the third-party hardware makers attempting to bring PC gaming to the living room using Valve’s popular Steam game platform. In his post announcing the delay, Valve staffer Eric Hope said that… Read More


Sony joins Microsoft, plans to sell Playstation in China

Microsoft announced late last month that it would sell its console in China, and now Sony says it will do the same. Following the relaxation of a law in China that banned foreign game consoles outright for 14 years, Sony will establish a joint venture with Shanghai Oriental Pearl (Group) Co. to start manufacturing and selling Playstation hardware and software in China…. Read More


Xbox One $100 price cut already generating more demand for console

At least in some stores, Microsoft’s decision to offer a cheaper version of the Xbox One is producing strong demand. Last week, Microsoft announced that starting June 9 it will sell a standalone Xbox One, without the Kinect, at $100 cheaper than the current Xbox One price ($499). As GameSpot notes here, that cut has resulted in more interest in Microsoft’s… Read More


Microsoft’s Xbox loses Twitch to Google’s YouTube (and why that matters)

Google has reportedly beat out Microsoft and others to reach a deal to buy Twitch, a popular videogame streaming company. The acquisition, which is expected to cost $1 billion, according to Variety, will give YouTube a war chest of content that appeals to the hardcore gamer. Over the past three years, San Francisco-based Twitch has become the ESPN of… Read More


GTA on your Fire TV: Amazon expands game catalog with Grand Theft Auto series

Amazon announced today that it has expanded its gaming catalog for the Fire TV and Kindle Fire to include “Grand Theft Auto 3,” “GTA: Vice City” and “GTA: San Andreas,” three older games from Rockstar’s popular series. Those three offerings from the popular series of open-world criminal activity games have already appeared on Android and… Read More


New Titanfall ‘Expedition’ maps arrive Thursday for $10

Titanfall gamers will have some new content to explore this week as the game’s first map pack will be unveiled on Thursday. “Expedition,” the first set of three new map packs set to be released by Respawn Entertainment, will feature three new maps — Swampland, Runoff, Wargames — and will be sold for $10. If you’ve already… Read More