Commentary: Report shines little new light on journalism woes

In the winter of 2009, Seattle was the center of a global maelstrom that has yet to bottom out: the collapse of the advertiser-supported business model that funded mainstream journalism. The Seattle P-I published its last printed edition that March after a flurry of town halls and salons where journalists, academics and news junkies tried… Read More


Tired of explaining your startup and failing? How to fix that

[Editor's Note: Lee LeFever of Seattle's Common Craft, known for making explanatory videos for the likes of Google and Twitter, has written a new book, The Art of Explanation. In this special column for GeekWire, he shares key tenets for startups trying to explain their businesses.] Meet Alex. He’s a startup founder with a technical… Read More


Pictures: 10 coolest startup spaces in Seattle’s Pioneer Square

All technology companies in Seattle have to compete for talented workers. Aside from the opportunity to create something important and building financial security, workers also consider the environment where they will be spending their long hours when selecting the company they want to work for. Below are some office space features that startup companies seek… Read More

Jesse Robbins of Opscode. Photo: John Keatley

Q&A: Ex-Amazon ‘master of disaster’ Jesse Robbins on the power of ‘relentless optimism’ in startups

Former firefighter Jesse Robbins is comfortable under pressure. In fact, he thrives on it. Channeling positive energy and optimism into his growing organization, Robbins and his team at Seattle cloud computing startup Opscode have been changing the game in enterprise software. And Robbins, who once held the title of “Master of Disaster” at Amazon.com, says… Read More


PHOTOS: Recapping GeekWire’s Fall Meetup

There were a few moments Tuesday night at Seattle’s Crocodile Cafe where I thought I was on the set of American Idol. Yes, the karaoke was that good, and GeekWire’s Fall Meetup was just the same, from the four intriguing elevator pitches to the awesome networking to the fantastic singing. More than 200 people made it out… Read More

Photo: Zach Taylor

Commentary: A press release isn’t a partnership

Let’s get one thing clear: Supporting partners and clients via participation in case studies, white papers, events, press, and social media is just good business. But, what really matters, happens outside of the trade press and punditry spotlight. It’s the legwork conducted over countless emails, IM’s, calls and working lunches between the actual “doers” on… Read More

The GeekWire Mudders celebrate after the race. Members: Russell Benaroya, Mike Curry, Loren Curtis, Guenna Curtis, Kyle Davis, Rob Hanlon, Joe Heitzeberg, Mandy Lane, Joshua Lane, Adam Loving, Chris Lynch, Kevin Nakao, Charla Neuman, David Nui, Will O'Brien, Chrisann Rauschenbach, Carlos Rodriguez, Nora Schneyer, Matt Shobe, Bob Thordarson, Peter van Wesep, David Wickwire, Adrian Burton and David Aronchick.

Startup lessons from the ‘Tough Mudder’ race

A few months ago, Media Piston founder Joe Heitzeberg and I had the crazy idea to assemble a team to run in last Saturday’s Tough Mudder race, an 11+ mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces. It is billed as “probably the toughest event on the planet.”  You scale walls and ropes, slog around in pungent mud,… Read More


Facebook: The personalization engine for all of the Web

Facebook and its third-party applications today know a hell of a lot about each us: what content we read (Washington Post Social Reader); what music we listen to (Spotify); what movies we watch (Netflix). Facebook opened up a green field for the game creators, too: games with friends are just so much more engaging. However,… Read More


No borders: Space heroes join together for epic night

They were all up on stage when the cosmonaut Valery Kubasov was introduced. With a lapel full of medals he strode across stage. As he walked past Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell, and almost every other living American space hero, the Soviet anthem blared out over the audience. Soyuz nyerushimyy respublik svobodnykh / Splotila naveki Velikaia Rus. I wasn’t… Read More