Commentary: 3 important tips for young entrepreneurs

[Editor's note: Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price was the winner of the "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" category at the 2013 GeekWire Awards] Sometimes, when recapping a meeting at Gravity Payments, we will summarize by determining three things we should stop doing and three things that we should start doing as a result of the… Read More


MovingWorlds: Where Peace Corps meets Match.com

When it comes to volunteering, there’s no shortage of global organizations looking for extra hands, but it’s not always easy finding a place to lend your efforts. Enter MovingWorlds, a Seattle startup that’s building a platform where people can go, list their expertise, and find an organization that’s looking for exactly what they have to… Read More


34 Must-Have Tools to Launch your Startup from Idea to Exit

I’ve launched half a dozen or so startup products in my career and in the process I’ve picked up my list of favorite tools to make each step easier, faster, and cheaper.  Below are the sites and services I’ve had success with while launching startups.  Depending on your skills and experience, you won’t need them all, but I hope… Read More


Visual language: Stagecraft in Obama’s Google Hangout

The President may be a master of the teleprompter, but Google+ hangouts ain’t television. You can replay yesterday’s hangout with Barack Obama here, though sometimes the visual language of a video event reads louder when you freeze the frames. So here is a collage of screenshots from the Valentine’s Day Google hangout with President Obama…. Read More


Sunday marks new era in cellphone carrier market power

New cellphones purchased after this Saturday Jan. 25, 2013 can be unlocked only with the permission of the carrier; phones purchased before Sunday are exempt from this restriction and have been since 2006. Back in October, the U.S. Copyright Office filed a new decision on unlocked phones in the Federal Register. The Copyright Office is… Read More

Aaron Swartz

Untangling Justice: The case of Aaron Swartz

Commentary: I spent much of Saturday trying to reconcile two very different approaches to justice meted out by the Obama Administration. The first is old (mid-December) news: British bank HSBC launders money for at least a decade and is fined four weeks earnings. I learned about it Friday from The Daily Show. Blatant laundering, moving “tainted… Read More


Commentary: Report shines little new light on journalism woes

In the winter of 2009, Seattle was the center of a global maelstrom that has yet to bottom out: the collapse of the advertiser-supported business model that funded mainstream journalism. The Seattle P-I published its last printed edition that March after a flurry of town halls and salons where journalists, academics and news junkies tried… Read More


Tired of explaining your startup and failing? How to fix that

[Editor's Note: Lee LeFever of Seattle's Common Craft, known for making explanatory videos for the likes of Google and Twitter, has written a new book, The Art of Explanation. In this special column for GeekWire, he shares key tenets for startups trying to explain their businesses.] Meet Alex. He’s a startup founder with a technical… Read More


Pictures: 10 coolest startup spaces in Seattle’s Pioneer Square

All technology companies in Seattle have to compete for talented workers. Aside from the opportunity to create something important and building financial security, workers also consider the environment where they will be spending their long hours when selecting the company they want to work for. Below are some office space features that startup companies seek… Read More

Jesse Robbins of Opscode. Photo: John Keatley

Q&A: Ex-Amazon ‘master of disaster’ Jesse Robbins on the power of ‘relentless optimism’ in startups

Former firefighter Jesse Robbins is comfortable under pressure. In fact, he thrives on it. Channeling positive energy and optimism into his growing organization, Robbins and his team at Seattle cloud computing startup Opscode have been changing the game in enterprise software. And Robbins, who once held the title of “Master of Disaster” at Amazon.com, says… Read More


PHOTOS: Recapping GeekWire’s Fall Meetup

There were a few moments Tuesday night at Seattle’s Crocodile Cafe where I thought I was on the set of American Idol. Yes, the karaoke was that good, and GeekWire’s Fall Meetup was just the same, from the four intriguing elevator pitches to the awesome networking to the fantastic singing. More than 200 people made it out… Read More