Hacking for Jesus: Top projects from ‘Code for the Kingdom,’ a faith-based hackathon for spiritual geeks

Niche hackathons are hot right now. Some solve legal issues and address challenges facing non-profits, while others aim to increase civic engagement and even help pets. There’s a movement among some programmers to consider how their work should, perhaps, be dedicated to higher causes. And now there’s another spin on the hackathon, and it happened… Read More


Turning dead trees into gas: Biofuel research could spark new fuels

University of Washington researcher Fernando Resende is getting ready for the day that we run out of fossil fuels. Originally from Brazil, Resende, an assistant professor in the UW’s Biofuels and Bioproducts Laboratory, that same lab that received a $40 million infusion from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is working on a parallel project to turn dead… Read More


Digitizing the night sky … inside the UW’s planetarium

It’s a quiet, sunny summer afternoon at the University of Washington’s physics-astronomy complex. But inside the hushed, empty auditorium building, Jake VanderPlas has turned off the lights and shut us inside the recently renovated planetarium. Jake’s a friend and a fellow UW grad student (a 5th-year Ph.D. candidate in astronomy) who studies, among other cool… Read More

Sign at a demonstration for Egypt in San Francisco in January. (Steve Rhodes photo, via Flickr)

Finding the ‘recipe’ for digital democracy in the Middle East

As Americans celebrate their revolutionary anniversary today, other countries, especially in the Middle East, are still in the midst of the promising throes of their own revolutionary moments. The recent and much-discussed “Arab Spring” that unfolded dramatically across the region late last year and early this year — starting in Tunisia and Egypt before engulfing… Read More


Getting games from good to great with Bungie’s Rick Lico

It’s an overcast summer’s evening in Seattle’s University District, and in the warehouse-like space in the back of an arts supply store, game designer Richard Lico is stabbing the air with his hands. “Immersion is what games are all about,” he says, emphasizing how a character’s movements can tell stories on their own. But getting someone… Read More