5 ways Apple’s Swift will make developers happy

We engineers are a picky bunch. We spend countless hours coding apps and websites. So, when it comes tools and programming languages, we have lots of opinions. With the recent announcement of a new language for iOS, Swift is being viewed as a pleasant, but unplanned surprise by many in the tech community. While general… Read More


Why this Apple fanboy loves his new Samsung Galaxy S III

Last year I wrote an article titled, “Why I own an Android Phone.” To summarize, the article described people’s fascination when they discovered that I (an iOS app developer and self-declared Apple fanboy) actually owned an Android phone. A year later I’ve decided to stay in the Android camp and have upgraded my Samsung Galaxy phone… Read More


Why this iOS app developer uses an Android phone

Guest Commentary: Colleagues are often surprised when they realize I own an Android phone.  With my career now centered around iOS development (e.g. iPhone and iPad) people just assume that I own an iPhone. Granted, I do own a number of iDevices (which would be too embarrassing to list) but the iconic mobile device is not one… Read More