Google co-founders’ kids can’t avoid Microsoft technology

The families of Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have been using their Google+ and Facebook accounts to build buzz for Bumble Los Altos, a beautiful new “play cafe” that’s both kid and adult friendly. After enjoying an organic ‘Bee Bites’ meal, youngsters can retire to the teacher-staffed Bumble Playroom, a magical place that Brin himself was seen showing off. A big part… Read More

Tina Brown makes a rare Seattle appearance

Tina Brown of The Daily Beast roars into Seattle

Seattle’s digerati turned out in full force at The Bagley and Virginia Wright Gallery Sunday night to hobnob with Tina Brown, the legendary former editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker. Brown was in town to promote her latest and, perhaps, most ambitious media experiment to date: merging an old-media brand (Newsweek) with a… Read More


Is Bezos’ Starship Enterprise a French-Built Luxury Jet?

Seeing news of Amazon’s Trekkie-themed corporate meeting is a reminder that CEO Jeff Bezos created an entity called Zefram LLC for his under-the-radar wealth management dealings, including the stealth acquisition of 165,000 acres in Texas for Bezos’ space venture, Blue Origin. The Star Trek connection? Zefram Cochrane, of course, is the scientist whose ship, the… Read More