Microsoft gives temporary reprieve to Skype headsets and recording apps, but still axing third-party chat

Last week, people who use the Microsoft-owned Skype phone/IM/video chat system on desktop computers received an unwelcome surprise. Via a notice embedded in their software, they were told that third-party applications that they use with Skype would no longer be supported as of December. The nearly 10-year-old desktop software, based on a computer-to-computer (P2P) structure,… Read More


CES: One television interface to rule them all?

LAS VEGAS — The technology on display at the Consumer Electronics Show each year provides a glimpse, or at least a hint, of what’s headed to our living rooms. One underlying trend at this year’s show promised to hasten the end of “television” as we know it. Capping an evolution underway over the last several… Read More


At CES, the 4K TV sets arrive: Boom … or bust?

LAS VEGAS — The pictures are simply stunning. The TV sets are sleek, slim and gorgeous. The crowds at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show are packing the Samsung, Sony, LG and Toshiba booths to see the dawn of Ultra HDTV: the next great leap forward in consumer TV technology. Or is it? There’s little doubt… Read More

CES press conf. 2

CES: What those ‘press conferences’ are really like

LAS VEGAS—Any journalist worthy of the title yearns for those precious moments when he/she can cover a hot story live and in person.  But writers making the annual trek to cover the annual Consumer Electronics Show may wonder whether the bloom is off the reportorial rose when it comes to press conferences at this particular… Read More


Review: The strange ways of SkyDrive on Xbox Live

Among the many apps making their way these days to Microsoft’s Xbox Live, none is more foreign to the gaming platform, and yet potentially more far-reaching, than Microsoft’s own SkyDrive, now available in the Xbox app store. The good news: SkyDrive users have full access to all the files, photos, music and videos stored in… Read More