Where ‘Where are you?’ is: The future of location and discovery

“There’s a graveyard of geo experiments,” says Amber Case. She’s the CEO and co-founder of Geoloqi, a company that helps mobile developers integrate, track and measure their users’ location data, and she was a panelist at the Location & Discovery discussion at the Privacy Identity Information conference (pii) in Seattle. And she’s right. As smartphone market… Read More


The battle to train a market: Instagram is what Facebook has been telling you guys to do for like a year, okay?

By now, it’s probably been brought to your attention that Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars on Monday, valuing the two-year-old photo-sharing service at approximately $100 million per employee. Predictably, everyone is asking why. More than one reputable journalist has covered this story by referencing Facebook’s continued inability to create a compelling, intuitive mobile… Read More


Hey, startups, users aren’t free

“Seattle’s great at building technology, but we don’t understand marketing. San Francisco’s great at marketing. That’s why great B-to-C companies come out of San Francisco and not Seattle.” A managing partner at a VC firm said this to me several months ago. It solidified, in my mind, something I’ve been wanting to scream at Seattle… Read More


Why Facebook may surrender users to niche social networks

What do you recall seeing in your Facebook feed recently? The following are recurring items in mine: an e-card character inventory of a melancholic young woman who has sobered up barely enough to realize her iPad is actually an Etch-a-Sketch; side-by-side comparisons of an ad for a Whopper and an actual Whopper; a funny-cuz-it’s-true reminder… Read More