Microscopic art created by geeks, for geeks

Nerd Notes: Shakespeare’s Terminator 2, Microscopic Microchip Art, and tweeting for beer at the ballpark

Kevin Zelco (@MsBeerVendor) is taking beer orders (and tips) at Safeco Field via tweets.  A @MrUrinal would round this venture out quite nicely. Geeks hide microscopic art inside of microchips for other geeks to find.  This is why we heart geeks. Forget the fast cars and acne creams, teens want iPhones. Ever wonder what a dash of Shakespearean language… Read More

ThinkGeek's Playmobil Apple Store

Nerd Notes: 10 lessons from Angry Birds, 2 Thor posters and 1 Playmobil Apple Store

10 Lessons from Angry Birds that can make you a better CIO. No, slingshotting birds at the IT staff didn’t make the list. Facebook doesn’t ‘Like’ inside traders. Professional bowling picks up a few spare QR codes with Seattle’s Snappd.it. Find the Future, NYC Public Library announces citywide, overnight scavenger hunt. Captain Reynolds pulls a fast one. The Onion… Read More


Nerd Notes: Biz on Zuck, Skype in the Classroom and Noah Wyle +1

$500 Million: Too low for Twitter? Biz drops the juicy details about Zuckerberg’s courting (it happened in a car…) on Howard Stern. Nintendo announces the next console will not be 3D.  Let’s hope it has HD support this time around. Be sure to let your parents know that Roku just got easier to buy.  Now all they need is help setting it up. Wild Tangent… Read More