Nerd Notes: Iron Man goes to work, Jobs lands a comic and a woolly Robin Williams makes commercial

Bungie announces Bungie Mobile. Keep tabs on your Halo: Reach score and your buddies via iOS. Goodbye capes and Spandex, hello black turtlenecks and jeans. Steve Jobs is getting his own comic book. Ever wonder how LEGO bricks are made? Neither have I. This dude made himself an Iron Man suit and then wore it to work. Hopefully he… Read More

superhero wedding

Nerd Notes: Showering with Star Wars, peeing with video games and wedding with capes

Looks like the T-Mobile jingle isn’t going to survive the AT&T acquisition.  RIP little jingle. Bane gives his best over-the-shoulder glance in the first image of him released from Christopher Nolan’s latest bat flick “The Dark Knight Rises”. Purina Petcare made up a few iPad apps for cats and it’s taking every bit of self respect I… Read More


Nerd Notes: Game of Thrones guide, careers in space and a tiny Chewie

A buttload of LEGOs and 6 months later this Master Chief costume emerged… The new Brink launch trailer is cool but loud. What kind of fantasy would Game of Thrones be without a complex cast of characters and faraway lands? Without towns called Clegane’s Keep and shield yielding hunks like Loras Tyrell? And what sort of geek would you be without… Read More


Nerd Notes: Marvel joins Netflix, holy helmets and Cusack strikes back

Neil Cameron makes the alphabet awesome yet again. This time it’s Japanese themed and proceeds go to tsunami relief efforts.American Greetings presents digital greeting cards just in time for Mother’s Day. It’s amazing they can create a product that makes a regular ol’ card seem so eco-friendly. Holy bike safety! These angelic bike helmets look more like TRON… Read More

Is that a pen in your pocket or is it a... oh wait, it is.

Nerd Notes: A Kinect controlled armchair, a chameleon attacks and a president steals a pen

An official Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer is released featuring slick CG apes, courtesy of Weta Digital (Avatar).  John Lithgow is on-board, but Harry and the other Hendersons are not. When iPhones attack: Chameleon horror addition. A New York photographer uses animated GIFs to class up fashion photography. Researchers at University of California in… Read More

Allen Human Brain Atlas

Allen Institute: Human brains are more than 90% alike

The Allen Institute for Brain Science this morning revealed a first-of-its-kind map that charts the complex inner workings of the human brain at a level that the Seattle-based institute describes as unprecedented. Among the findings: Our brains are more than 90 percent similar to each another. “Until now, a definitive map of the human brain,… Read More

Sao Paulo, Brazil is home to the World's Largest LEGO Tower.

Nerd Notes: The Winklevoss twins go away, video games go for the Grammy and Brazil plays with LEGOs

Judge tells Winklevoss twins to take the money, settlements don’t come in pairs. Google launches a daily trivia game, a Google a day.  We’re going to ask Jeeves the answer. Acer goes Android-green and Apple-round with the new logo. Adzookie will pay your mortgage in exchange for the small price of your soul. Einstein has… Read More

PopCap's 'Unpleasant Horse' is not for the faint of heart

Nerd Notes: Woz seems lonely, YouTube seems bored and Apple doesn’t seem to like horses

Woz says he’d mull return to Apple if asked — which he hasn’t been. Geek Zodiac.  Too bad geeks don’t get into things like ancient celestial paths based on constellations and ecliptic coordinate systems encompassing planets in space… The Crow is being remade.   We’re sure it’s providing emo kids everywhere with something to rage about.  Something to cry… Read More