Commentary: Yes, startups are a lot like surfing

Seaton Gras started a tech incubator because he wanted to help entrepreneurs more easily create companies.  He named it SURF Incubator — an acronym for Start Up Really Fast. But If you prod a bit more and ask him about the name, he might just dive into an analogy of how startups and surfing are quite similar…. Read More

Angel in Guisley. Photo via Baldur McAqueen

Will AngelList help or hurt startup fundraising?

The fall of 2013 will be looked at as the turning point in fundraising for early-stage startups. The JOBS Act — including the acceptance of  ”General Solicitation” — has indeed changed the game for founders looking for startup capital. Although changes in government regulation will have an impact on startup funding, the biggest impact will… Read More


How youth sports made me a better startup founder

A few recent conversations have turned towards youth sports participation and the valuable life lessons they provide.  One in particular stood out to me – youth sports participation is one of the best training grounds for a startup founder. How would I know?  I was a competitive athlete pretty much since the time I could… Read More


Surprising lessons I learned winning a pitch competition

thump thump….  thump thump…..  thump thump…….  My heart rate was starting to rise. As I looked around the room I noticed it overflowing with people.  There must have been hundreds…. Was I sure I could recall the points I wanted to make as I stood on the platform?   Was I actually going to make sense… Read More


Instagram’s billion dollar idea wasn’t photos after all

I wasn’t alone in almost spilling my coffee mid-drink when I discovered Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion.  A billion?  As a startup CEO, it’s sometimes hard to grasp how these types of platforms, which openly opine they are not concerned with making money can end up in such a successful outcome. [So to all… Read More


The truths of entrepreneurship

Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, founder and CEO of WatchMojo, recently wrote a guest post on TechCrunch about the Lies Entrepreneurs Tell.  In the article he makes the point that entrepreneurs are “always in sell mode, but that doesn’t mean they need to be BS-artists.” Common lies include:  “I have no regrets;”  “If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t do… Read More


Tech startups: Ice cream is great, but utilities make the world go around

Guest Commentary: Lately I have had a recurring theme running through my head – “didn’t I see that startup idea before, only with a different name?  Aren’t there more than a few startups doing this same  little sharing thing? ” I believe we are witnessing another “bubblish” period of time, with valuations of young startups skyrocketing and investment… Read More


What any startup can learn from Starbucks

As I drove past the Starbucks headquarters today I glanced up at their big green logo. Instantly I thought “man, what an iconic brand.” I mean, when most people see a white coffee cup with green letters, they know it’s Starbucks Coffee. Then I thought “how did they get there?” Here’s what most forget: Starbucks… Read More