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Four questions for developing a minimum viable product

No doubt you are familiar with the concept of minimum viable product (MVP). But no matter how long the term has been around, I talk to entrepreneurs all the time who seem to be confused about the term. Are you confused about it? If so, I’ve answered the four most important questions when it comes… Read More

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Seven signs that you might just be an entrepreneur

I meet a lot of people who want to be an entrepreneur, but don’t really have the signs that they’d make a good one. See, the first thing you have to understand about being an entrepreneur is that it isn’t sexy. You aren’t really working for yourself.  You’ll have to build a business from scratch…. Read More

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11 things every entrepreneur should know about innovation

An innovation that revolutionizes your life is the dream of every entrepreneur. But that dream may die hard if you don’t have the right expectations. What sort of expectations should you have? Well, you can start with these eleven: 1. Innovation demands the right business model Obviously the very first thing you need to do… Read More

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11 productivity tools that your startup ought to use

If you’ve ever been part of a startup, then you know how much hard work it involves. And you usually don’t have enough people to get all the work done! That’s why entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to cut down on distractions and work faster and smarter. The following is a list of eleven… Read More