Apple Maps vs. my brain

Damn you, Apple Maps. But not for the reasons you think. “So, right now, if I asked you what direction Portland was, you really don’t know?” my husband asked me the other day. I smiled and shook my head. He’s plumbed the depths of my directional incompetence for five years and still can’t believe it…. Read More


You don’t want a ‘dumb’ home … do you?

Like anyone who grew up watching Star Trek, I dream of food replicators. “Tea, earl grey, hot,” says Patrick Stewart. And there it is. Amazing. I’ve got pots and pans and a stove for now (and cooking is fun, don’t get me wrong), but every now and then I look around the house and I can’t… Read More


5 reasons I think you’re nuts if you own a naked iPhone

I pride myself on being able to argue reasonably, listen respectfully, consider new perspectives thoughtfully and — most of the time — withhold judgment. But I just don’t get it. Anyone who uses a newer iPhone without a case must be completely nuts. This includes close friends, tech geniuses, GeekWire’s Todd Bishop and all kinds… Read More


Today food trucks, tomorrow the world? Mobile wallet app LevelUp targets Seattle geeks

If you’ve gotten a free lunch at a South Lake Union food truck lately, it’s probably thanks to Boston-based mobile wallet app LevelUp. “I probably see those guys out there at least once a week,” said Mark Worster, founder of food truck locator and resource hub “They’re good to talk to.” LevelUp, a product… Read More

Instagramer Paul Thompson summed up user reaction to the Facebook acquisition on the app Monday.

Instagramers to Facebook: ‘DO NOT screw this up!’

News that Facebook will acquire Instagram for $1 billion seems to have gotten everyone excited — except its users. “I’ve always felt like Instagram was a safe zone for creativity and loved its autonomy from the Facebook Machine,” said Seattle Instagramer Rachel Sawyer, who posts as @iwife on the network. “As it becomes more and… Read More

Half Brothers

‘Don’t burn books! Burn your iPad instead’

Seattle-area band The Half Brothers had a little fun at the expense of some of our favorite devices at a “meeting” of the Bushwick Book Club of Seattle Friday night in Columbia City. Hardly your typical discussion group, Bushwick invites book lovers to hear original music created by local artists and inspired by a famous… Read More

Kevin, the walking FedEx phone charger.

The irony of ‘Homeless Hotspots’ at SXSW

I was walking down Sixth Street, buried in my phone, when my husband, Jason, noticed something and stopped. I didn’t see it at first. It was the late afternoon on Sunday and streams of people were flowing up and down both sides of the bar-lined corridor, Austin’s main nightlife artery. They stopped here and there… Read More


Dispatch: How to stand out at SXSW

Posting from Austin: When teams want to promote their brands at South by Southwest, they know one thing matters above all — standing out in the crowd. The same goes for SXSW panelists. I had to stop Robyn Sklaren when she walked by me on the first floor of the Austin Convention Center in these…. Read More

Wael Ghonim

What would Wael Ghonim do? 5 lessons from the world’s most successful online community manager

The world’s most successful online community manager was in Seattle last week, and you probably had no idea. Wael Ghonim, the founding administrator of the Facebook page that one year ago this month helped inspire 12 million Egyptians to topple its longtime ruler, spoke to a crowd of hundreds at Town Hall Seattle Wednesday about… Read More