Curiosity 200

Amazon’s cloud powering NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover

Amazon, the online super-retailer and South Lake Union Overlord, has the cloud computing system that best suits NASA’s latest and greatest mission to Mars — storing images and data from the space rover Curiosity’s mission. As reported by the LA Times, NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory picked Amazon’s web services for its Mars Exploration Rover and Mars… Read More

green cupboards 200

Guinness Record attempt: 1,200-square-foot piece of handmade, recycled paper

Most of the time, publicity stunts are lame. And sometimes, well, sometimes something like this comes along. Spokane, Wash.-based online retailer GreenCupboards will attempt to construct the world’s largest handmade, recycled piece of paper to break the Guinness World Record. The team will begin construction at 4 a.m. Friday by mixing up recycled paper into… Read More


Boeing shows off Unmanned Little Bird autonomous copter

Builder of warcraft, hoster of Blue Angels and all-around badass in aerospace engineering, Boeing is showing off its Unmanned Little Bird, among other unmanned systems, in Las Vegas this week at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, or AUVSI, Unmanned Systems North America 2012 conference and exhibition. Whew. Insert Boeing gives the Bird joke… Read More

the ville 200

The Sims vs. The Ville, EA files suit against Zynga

Electronic Arts‘ has apparently had enough of its too-close-for-comfort neighbors The Ville. The gaming giant has filed suit against Zynga, accusing the game maker of essentially ripping off their popular game The Sims Social. The copyright infringement case was filed in a San Francisco federal court today, calling The Ville an “unmistakable copy” of The… Read More

battle nations 200

Z2Live’s hit Battle Nations expands from iOS to Mac

The phrase “cross-platform game” might conjure up images of Xbox Live and PC gaming, or turn-based games that work across Android and iPhone. But what about Mac and iOS? That’s the big news for Battle Nations fans this week. They can play now the popular game across both Apple mobile devices and Macs, after Seattle-based… Read More

parks 200

Seattle joins federal government open data effort

This week, Seattle took a giant leap toward open data and transparency when it became one of four U.S. cities to join the federal open data portal at As reported by, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago and New York now have a great amount of data available for the public, such as fire… Read More

node 200

UW team deploying power and Internet to the sea floor

In further news about awesome people doing awesome things, a team from the University of Washington is installing a series of nodes on the sea floor — something akin to a “giant electrical outlet” the size of a Volkswagen Beetle — to provide Internet connectivity and power for real-time observations of the ocean. On July 14,… Read More


Guy Adams back on Twitter after Olympic tweet scandal

“Matt Lauer would do well to shut up, wouldn’t he?” This is just one of many critical — and hilarious — tweets fired away from The Independent‘s Los Angeles correspondent Guy Adams‘ Twitter feed about the London Olympic Games. And it was this, among a few other zingers, especially criticizing NBC for its coverage and… Read More

yahoo 300

Yahoo Mail upgrade crashes, burns

In other e-mail news today, Yahoo Mail launched an upgrade that would make it “faster and easier” to use. Instead, when Yahoo Mail users tried to log into their accounts, they got stuck in a vortex of a unresponsive terms and conditions page or a failed message. As TechCrunch reported, the upgrade is still causing… Read More


Mission impossible? War stories from the interview

It’s a Seattle rite of passage for newcomers: Pike Place Market, the Space Needle. The Amazon interview. Today, Glassdoor released a list of the toughest companies and organizations to interview with for a job, with Google, Facebook and Amazon all making the cut, as we reported earlier. This news is nothing that new, really. The… Read More


Microsoft reports a big jump in Skype usage, up 50%

Microsoft reported its first-ever quarterly loss this week, thanks to the huge writedown of its 2007 aQuantive deal. But one acquisition, Skype, is turning out to be the little engine that could for the Redmond giant, at least based on the information Microsoft is providing. According to Microsoft’s Q4 earnings report, revenue for the Entertainment and… Read More

superhero 200

Geek fun: Superhero Pub Run this Saturday

Do you sit around your pad, wishing there was more use for that Flash costume you put together for Comic-Con 2009 than just to dress up in and watch Breaking Bad? Well, now there is. File this under awesome: The Superhero Pub Run. Started by a very fast lady, Rose Wetzel — who boasts a… Read More